Hock IN, Hand OUT

Hockenson has been cleared to play MNF, no longer in concussion protocol. Da’Shawn however, has been ruled OUT. Thinking is he’s getting close to his return though.

Dang. Was hoping Hand would be ready after the bye. It’ll be nice to get him back in a few weeks as he will be fresh.

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A’Shawn Robinson is listed as Questionable, so the Lions could be a little short-handed at DT. Kevin Strong is going to have to step up, and somebody from the PS if ARob can’t go either.

Damn! Maybe we get Bryant back before Hand? At least we’re not rushing him.

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As I understand it, Bryant can come back to practice this week, after the MNF game, but he has to spend 2 weeks practicing with the team before he can be activated. I would hope Hand will beat him back into the lineup, but they play when they are cleared by the docs.

The other guy is Daniels, when is he gonna make his return? They didn’t put him on the IR, so one might think his return might coincide with Bryant’s, or thereabouts

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Matt Patricia is definitely from the Belichick school of “do your job!” So with Hand out, who’s going to do the Hand jobs?


So, how long have you been saving that one up?

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How long have I been waiting to unload with a Hand job joke?

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He’s been Kerryon about it for awhile now.

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You guys really Slay me.

This thread took a hard right.

Counting down the minutes to the game and looking forward to enjoying some Snacks and Killebrew or two. :slight_smile:


Not as long as Mr. Kraft has been…