Hockenson Injury

I was able to finally confirm that TJ Hockenson did end up breaking his ankle from that injury last season. He is back in Iowa City rehabbing and is still in a walking boot. Sounds like it was quite a bit more serious than what the media talked about. Hoping he comes 100% healthy.


I have a feeling that his career is going to be full of injuries. There always seems to be something with this guy. His concussion was bad, too.

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Not sure how legit the OPs info is, but assuming it’s true, that would lead me to think his leg probably has a plate and screws in it, if he’s still in a boot. That’s not all bad. Fix it right, rehab, return.

The bigger issue is that his offseason is already getting shrunk as far as developing. If this lingers too much longer, his offseason will be toast and we will be essentially getting another rookie TE next year.

As for Iggy’s comment, he’s been here a year and had injuries. Welcome to the NFL. Stafford was hurt a lot early on and then went on an iron man streak. Also, all concussions are bad. There are no good concussions. He came back and played like 8 games after it.

Here’s an update on his ankle. Looks like he had surgery. Article states that TJ and the team aren’t talking about the extent of the injury. Which makes me wonder why? Could it be career threatening?

I do have to say that his injury history doesn’t build much confidence in him.

The only thing worse than drafting a TE top 10 is drafting a TE top 10 that brakes his ankle and is going to spend an his first off season rehabbing it if serious …
Now he hurt it late Nov and the article states he was using a scooter in late Dec…It’s February .
If he was still using a scooter now this might have merit.
He could be all healed up and ready to go by the time the Pre Season work starts .

Drafting a TE top 10 was a waste of an asset healthy or not . Quinn is treading water here and he better hit it out of the park with that bat of his this draft.


Hockensons body language is similar to Stafford , I don’t see the spirit of a football player . He looks very fragile to me , let’s see if he can attest last few years , that will be better than nothing , I miss noha Fantz

Why does every response by you include a Stafford reference? The diarrhea that spills from your mouth is vial.
Here you go , clean that up :wink:


Yup, couldn’t agree more. Stafford’s body language screams fragile.

Coach too fat, Stafford to fragile need to be fat like coach and get nickname like “Medium Matt”…also needs to have the firey spirit of 1000 clam-midd-ee-yaa patients!

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Lol - how quick some purposely forgot the Cleveland game! “Get the fuckduck off me!!” :heart:

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I’m suddenly feeling very lame…

I have to clue to this reference :cry:

Nothing has turned me off to posters more then discussing a coaches weight and Staffords “competitiveness”

Sometimes I think this board would half 75% less traffic if we were winning


Yeah, if he only showed some leadership and grit…

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Now I understand everyone’s references to ESPNbaby on the old sites…and I understand why he was considered a troll and was kicked-off those sites.

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Not at all suprised once I saw this pic from the game he got injured.

Yeah, ankles aren’t meant to twist that much. No surprise it was broken.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he also tore all the ligaments in his ankle as well. Probably was a very serious injury.

Which is safer? Turf or grass? Were most of the Lions players injured at home games?

67% more likely to sprain their ACL on turf than on grass. Therefore, surfaces with higher coefficients of friction cause more ACL injuries because there is not as much “give” on the turf or grass.