Hockenson is the Home Run pick we have been waiting for

He looked like a man amongst boys. That was a special performance. He flashed everything you want in the unicorn TE the Lions have been desperately seeking. He might already be the Lions 3rd best player after Slay and Stafford. I am not advocating that we put Hock on an Island with top DE’s like you would with Brandon Pettigrew just yet… but this pathetic staff better not hold this horse back. He is SPECIAL and it doesn’t take a “Rocket Scientist” to see that. It doesn’t take more than one game to see that. It is very obvious that Stafford trusts him already.I’m sure this staff will find a way to hold him back.

Quinn got his first superstar IMO.


Welcome aboard, @iggy14.

Have you ever revealed why you have 14 after your screen name? If so, I missed it.

Like I said. He’s our Gronkowski but faster. Not as strong, but faster.


Wait’ll he hits puberty! Dude is only just now starting to get hair in funny places.
If he stays healthy, he’ll be a nightmare for opposing teams for a decade!

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I’m gonna temper my excitement until I see a larger body of work from the kid. But he was an impressive as a receiver.

He made some nice blocks too. Ebron: :nauseated_face:

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You can count on one hand the number of people at 247 that called and endorsed the pick. Heck you could probably cut off a couple fingers.
Anyway, that was one game with very favourable matchups for Hockenson

But you have to love what you saw
If he stays healthy it looks like Quinn finally got himself a splash pick
I love that he’s a Lion


This is an entirely different environment.

Nothing that happened there carries over here – good or bad.

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I hated the pick. But liked the kid. Just didn’t want another TE drafted that high.

But I’ll happily admit I was wrong about that if he continues to play at such a high level


What, are you correcting me?
I don’t know what the thoughts on Hockenson were here so I referenced 247
Give it a rest

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Well said Iggy and I couldn’t agree more!!!

Never understood the hate on drafting him!

I had to keep telling myself “this isn’t Ebron.”
LOL - he does fill a massive hole in the roster, and his attitude will be infectious.
The talent part is flagrantly obvious, and I can’t wait to see him meeting Mack on the field, when we play the Bears. Anxious to see what that looks like/how much he can or cannot neutralize Mack’s effectiveness.

I really, really wanted OL upgrades, but reserving judgment. Part of me says, a good LT, and we win that game easily, but I also know that if the coaches kept the throttle down, we win by 3 TD with the players we have, and that’s not Hock’s fault.

Well, many people here are the same people that didn’t exactly love the pick at 247. Hock was not a popular pick on any Lion board with the bevy of D talent available. Many (like me) have come around to the pick.


I’m just surprised to even see Iggy here after he said he’d never come here and what he said about Nate.


Top five two way TE in the league right now which is absolutely crazy considering the normal TE trajectory.

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I think Ragnow can be a star too.

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Let’s get that stink into some open air. For the newer ones (like myself), what did he say?

That’s definitely something I haven’t seen anyone else mention, and a definite factor. TEs are usually right behind QBs, when it comes to developmental curve. Dude is already effective from day 1.

He said Nate was a snowflake.

Isn’t that a compliment? I mean, no two are the same.

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