Hockensons blocking?

I am not following now much as I do , But I was disappointed with this pick especially when Denver tight end from Iowa was pass catching better than this guy in rookie season ,l don’t see this guy getting any separation . Does he atleast do the basic blocking assignment? Is he strong enough ?

His blocking has been a disappointment for how much it was hyped after the draft.

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I’m not a huge Hock fan TBH.

He’s pretty good, but he’s not a top tier TE He’s probably a tier 2ish type. Good all around.

I love his effort though. He wants to be great. I just don’t think he is a top 10 in the draft talent.

I think he looks like crap because teams recognize he is our only downfield passing option and take him away at all costs. I think he’s better than what we get to see right now. Maybe if we get a receiver (Garrett Wilson) then we’ll see how good he really is.


He looked bad on those penalties yesterday. That block on the knees to me was just stupid.
The holding penalty looked like he was blocking for Swift to cut inside and he changed up and went outside and left Hock out of position. But maybe if he’d have just been driving his man out of the play it wouldn’t have been an issue at all, and the run might have been a big play.
edit to say everybody looks bad when they screw up.
He does make the blocks a lot too.


I have seen him miss quite a few blocks this year.

I don’t think he has blocked up to the pre-draft hype… and they selected him that high trying to duplicate what New England had with Gronk.

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He was so sad when Quinn left , he is lucky he was picked for his look

He’s drawing Megatron in his prime coverage on some plays. After the Steelers watched Goff noodle arm that deep pass to a wide open Raymond, they realized they could lock down the intermediate routes without fear of getting beat deep. The intermediate routes between the 2nd and 3rd level of the defense are where Hockenson is most effective.

I don’t think he was ever going to live up to being taken #8 overall. He would look a lot better though if the offense had more balance. This is still the same guy we saw last year who torched linebackers and outmuscled defensive backs.


Hock is literally the least of our problems, lol. He is being treated as our #1 threat at WR and that’s not what you want from a Tight End usually. You have to have talent on the outside to take away that focus and we are pretty much talentless at WR save for maybe St. Brown.


Agreed. Receivers and TE’s are only as good as the QB. If Goff only has 115 yards passing and hardly any options, how is that on Hock? Get some good weapons next year and hopefully we’ll see an improvement.

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This was evidenced by Ramsey following him when we played the rams.


8 th overall show me something, command one play atleast

Hock had a bad game with a very bad team. Good grief people. It happens. Hock is a pro bowl tight end. And Fant sucks.


Completely agreed. In his 3rd season, he’s on pace for 90 catches and 900 yards on a terrible offense. Just imagine how much more space he would have to operate if we had a couple decent WR’s and a decent QB. His run blocking has been inconsistent at times, seen some real good blocks against the Steelers, but the bad plays such as the holding call always gets all the attention.

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Hock is a good player… but looking at the other TEs production makes it hard to get overly excited.

Not a lot of extra bang for the buck compared to guys that were drafted way later.

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Probably why most teams wouldn’t consider drafting a TE in the top 10. Just not that much bang for the buck.

Just started watching the video in the “Matt Waldman on Jermar” thread… and this was 1st run play shown.
Hock is not living up to his hype as a blocker.



I don’t even understand why he would have lunged forward when the play is designed as an inside run.

He also looked pretty terrible on the run at around the 2:40 mark of the video.


89tg on the concerns list

they’d be 1-8 if they had a kicker

3-6 if they had a defense

the te’s blocking percentage is least on the list

Teams that don’t get concerned about TEs blocking well might be happy with a 3-6 record.

Playoff teams… usually expect TEs to block well.