Hockey Playoffs

Don’t know how many hockey fans there are here but the playoffs have been epic.

I think @stephenboyd57 is a Leafs fan? Amazing comeback tonight a night after my Oilers had an amazing comeback. Lets make the finals Canadian, eh?


Down 4-1, came back and won in OT. great comeback, not really a Leafs fan, but it was a great game.

I think @socko is a leafs fan


Don’t really deserve to be winning the series but Vasilevskiy has been dog crap.


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Gotcha. I remember you saying that you liked the Jays so I just linked you to the Leafs.

Good shit @socko You must be stoked

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I was just gonna say, deserve got nothing to do with it.
My Oilers should have been up 3-0 in their series but one hot goaltender and it’s the great equalizer in the NHL playoffs.

McDavid’s got to pick it up, only 6 points in 4 games, that’s nothing for him.

He’s been largely neutralized at even strength.
On the other hand, Draisaitl has been a monster. Dominating in the playoffs like he always does.

The Oilers just need to get out of their own way. They dominated at even strength but so many dumb penalties killed momentum. Play smart and they’ll win.

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I am a Leafs fan. I’m not saying shit til they actually win a series


Wise man

Even if they win I won’t say shit….I’ll just appreciate that they won

If the Leafs can win a series, then the Lions can win a playoff game!

I’ll take it

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@NYLion59 - Draisaitl is on complete fire, 13 goals already in the playoffs and it’s only round 2.

I really should be watching more since the NBA and MLB blows, at the moment.

If you like high scoring watch the Oilers games.

Hockey could definitely use some of the old ultra violence from those bygone years but better than the trap years for sure.



Dude, hes an insane talent and one of the best playoff performers of all time.
How many players can you say that are an elite goal scorer, an elite passer and plays all situations defensive and offensive, not to mention being one of the better faceoff centers in the league.

McDavid gets all the hype and deservedly so but Draisaitl might actually be the better OVERALL player and is the money guy in big games.

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McDavid’s game doesn’t translate as well as Draisaitl’s to the playoffs as his game is focused on his skating and they take that away from him in the playoffs. He’s still dynamite on the PP but he’s less effective 5 on 5.