WR 1-3
LB 1,3
CB 3

Thats just what isn’t under contract or will be cut out of the 25 starters- 13 slots. Half.

You could probably add in 5 more for rotational guys.

This new GM is going to need some extra picks…


And unfortunately not a lot of cap $$.
I think getting guys like Sanu and emerson for 1yr deals on cheap will be vital next year. I don’t think a ton of huge $$$ and many years deals will be had next year so guys will have to settle for less on 1yr deals

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I’ve been maintaining a depth chart for over a decade (including a ridiculously simple website with the data.). Normally, I’d have this (holes) in a spreadsheet.

I quit 2 months ago. This is a topic I would normally talk endlessly about, but I really don’t care enough to put in the effort any longer.

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I disagree that draft picks are the only or best way to address this.

I think someone with shrewd pro personnel skills will have much more success plugging holes without opening others up.

Magic beans are overvalued, so trying to acquire them is going to be an expensive way to build. Third-tier / solid journeymen seem to be where you can play moneyball and get near-certain production for the lowest cost.

I thought this was going to be a thread on Jahlani Tavai.


You’ve been Quinned!!!

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I’m adding a second DT.

I thought it was going to be about certain posters. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. The Lions only have 5 pics in the next draft. At the moment anyway, and I doubt they’ll acquire more.

  2. You can’t fix this many holes in 1 or maybe even 2 off-seasons. Which means:

  3. The new HC is going to have to get more out of many of our existing players or practice squaders. Which won’t be easy cuz IMHO it’s hard to get more out of slow players.

  4. The new GM is going to hampered by some contracts that are too expensive to unload and likely to had to trade, as everybody will be struggling to deal with a much lower cap in 2021 and beyond. I would not bet the rent that the coronavirus thing isn’t going to last into next year or that NL revenues are going to bounce back to what they used to be. Eventually maybe, but we could be looking at a new normal that ain’t as good as it once was.

U of M football fans should be used to this concept by now.