Holmes and DC close to the vest…..Getting interesting!

What an intriguing 24 months as Lions fans…. At first DC seemed like an odd HC choose for a team that had to get it right. The Stafford trade bombshell, the bridge QB in Goff, and the caravan of former players coming here to coach. The early part of 2021 was full of drama and intrigue, but thanks to the cap hell that Quintricia left us in, we couldn’t really start the rebuild….

We had a quiet free agency period, a draft that focused on the trenches, and “culture fit” was our business plan. We had a historically bad defense, and a pretty pedestrian offense, but overall we improved on both sides as the year progressed… There were some conflicting feelings around here as we watched our former front man lead the Rams to a SB, and simultaneously ruined our draft capital.

  • an interesting in-season move involved demoted OC Anthony Lynn, and almost immediately improving drastically on offense. Goff finished 3-2-1 with 11 tds over 2 ints-

Enter 2022 with another quiet free agency, and mostly bringing back and rewarding our own guys. BH crushed another draft, and our only real outside signings were Elliott and Chark….We started out dreadfully, and some wanted blood (me… crow!), but then we finished on a blazing 8-2 run. The best part was many of our 9 wins were pretty decisive… 9-8 and a few bad calls in the Rams vs Seahawks from the playoffs….

  1. QB- I go “A”
    A) Goff and draft/sign a viable backup
    B) trade for Lamar
    C) Top rookie w/Goff as the short term starter.
    D) trade for Stafford

  2. Sign our own free agents?
    A). Comish
    B). Swaggy
    C). Elliott
    D). E Brown
    E). A Anzalone
    F). W Harris
    G). I Buggs
    H). Hughes
    I). Chark
    J). AO
    L). Justin Jackson

  • that is 11 free agents who played a minimum of 440 snaps each, and only Jackson, AO, and Swag were the only 3 under 500!!! It’s basically 5 defense starters.

  • QB?

  • Big FA?

  • sign our own?

I’ have no clue…


All this speculation. We had no idea the first two seasons. I have no idea, right now.
I don’t expect a splash FA signing.
I have no idea what their draft strategy will look like.


I’m cool with going A or C for question #1. I personally lean towards A because I don’t love the potential QBs we could get, but I’ll trust them to make the best decision. I literally would say D if it was realistic though :joy:

Question #2 - A, B, G I want back. E if we fail to sign someone better. An absolute no to I and J. Indifferent on the others.

This convo happens every day…

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  1. QB
    A ) :heavy_check_mark:
    B) :x:
    C) :x:
    D) :x:

  2. Sign our own free agents?
    A) :heavy_check_mark:
    B) :heavy_check_mark:
    C) :x:
    D) :x:
    E) :x:
    F) :x:
    G) :heavy_check_mark:
    H) :heavy_check_mark:
    I) :x:
    J) :x:
    K) :grey_question:
    L) :x:

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I promise you we are about to get more handsome

I agree!!!


I am going to listen to the talking heads. Then I am going to listen to what @QBHATER90 says is really going to happen. Then I am going to repeat what he says and take credit for it like it was my original thought.

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I am so far downstream from what’s really going on that any original thought I have has a faulty foundation. I pick my draft crushes pretty much like numbers for the lottery.

I listen to the talking heads, I cull and explore possibilities from the usual Den suspects who are lightyears deeper into player evaluation than I am, and then temporarily plug a player into a draft slot based on splash play or two that entertained me. And that’s OK because it entertains me and all those voices in my head…

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