Holmes is the key to all of this

If Brad can pluck a few real difference makers on defense in this draft and FA period, we could be in decent shape as a franchise.

Having a group of players performing well on their rookie deals goes a long way these days, especially at high value positions. I feel this is where Quinn’s biggest failure was. (Okay, he failed everywhere, so determining his biggest fails requires a lot of thought).

Yes, QB is of course the hot topic, but hitting a home run on a young DE, WR, RT, etc, is a pretty big deal, where we have failed previously.

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Yes more hype for the new fad now you need rookie deals and cheap players to win. Well boy this team is in trouble sense Lions fans never want to pay anyone. They want everyone to be blue light specials yet they want to put a good team on the field.

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We will make progress every year from now on , that’s hughe

Ok forest , yeap Staffords gone so everything is ok. I get it. Wait till the season starts but then you will just disappear like you always do. Every game Stafford played well in and we won you were no we’re to be fond but let him loose or make a mistake and you reapear. I pretty sure I’m not the only one to notice this.

No Stafford or a decent WR under contract with this defense. The Lions are going to have the 1st pick in the draft next year. Hell we might become the first franchise to go 0-16 twice.

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I can’t really disagree, but what do you see as the alternative? The roster is what it is. Stafford‘s decision is what it is.

If we have one more shitty season, but we have the right people in place to use the draft resources available this year and next, and it sets us up well for the next 5 to 7 years, I’ll take it. That’s pretty much all we can hope for right now.

And I will beat this dead horse once again: it’s why it was so frustrating that Sheila didn’t pull the trigger last year, and start this process when we had the third overall pick. If she had, this coming off-season could be the one that gets us back into meaningful contention for the division. Instead, it’s going to be at least another year if not longer.

Agree, in hindsight it should have been the decision. Of course, she was being heavily manipulated by BQ, and the Rodster was not sharp enough to step in and force the issue.

We have operated for a long time as a shell of a team. Top heavy, living on a wing and a prayer.

Now we are about to find out if building through core beliefs of coherent draft strategy, attack defense and running game can elevate a franchise in a more consistent manner than one slightly inconsistent gunslinger QB, flex defense, and a red headed GM that thinks it’s ok to have DB’s that run 4.75 40’s, because “he watched a lot of tape on the guy”.

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