Holmes should sign?

Let’s have a little fun after that 4 min heart attack yesterday.

We have signed Bruce Irvin to help here with are play off run.

But what other vet would you bring in if you were Holmes to help this team down the stretch?

I would bring in Melvin Ingram. Have vet rotation opposed of Hutch also when you want to bring 5. Just not holding out hopes on Houston getting back to form this season even if he comes back. Just hard for a guy like that missing most of the season. Unless he gets 4 games going into the playoffs.

There are other names that have intriguing guys still on the market. Suh, Carlos Dunlap

Ingram would be a very solid choice.

good lord ingram had 6 sacks last year? pretty good for an old fart.

But can he cover the slot receiver? how is he on special teams?

I think we will get CJ back in few weeks an Houston before xmas. We could add but only if we get serious injury. They like the roster an with Irwin an CJ an Houston that should help an who are your cuts if they stay healthy.

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