Holmes you need to

Resign Williams. Dude isnt just a good football player, but a great teammate. Get it done


He’s the heart of the team.


He’s the captain of my fantasy team…all he does is score TD’s, sorry Cap!


Agree 100%.

I remember at the trade deadline there was a rumor he got traded to the eagles.

I’m so glad that didn’t happen and he is the most consistent force on our offense. Him, ASB, and Goff. Swift has moments but consistently throughout the year those gave gotta be the top 3

I’m on board

Agree…. It’s also why I’m still in on Goff

Jamal Williams and ASB are Goffs best weapons.

We were supposed to have a healthy Swift, possibly Jamo after week 4, a healthy Chark, and Hock…. And we expected 7 wins from Goff

What if he does the 7 wins, but with almost none of the support?

If Goff can help us get to 7 wins with Tom Kennedy, Brock Wright, K Raymond, Justin Jackson and J Reynolds as offensive leaders… is he that bad?

That is 3 undrafted free agents and a pair of guys randomly cut by their prior teams.

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