Holy crap, I ... I ... agree with Carlos

Monarrez is basically accusing Sean McVay of having an ulterior motive in his over-the-top praise of Matthew Stafford.

"The pressure for (Stafford) to win — and win big — has been cranked to an unprecedented level. All of McVay’s exaltations can be translated into one thought for Stafford: It’s all on you, bub.

“When a team puts so many resources and so much hope into one player, that player has to be seen as the savior, if of the franchise, then the savior of this regime and, specifically, the savior of McVay’s reputation as an offensive genius who has not yet had the right quarterback turning his vision into reality.”

It’s not that I think McVay is lying in his initial impressions. It’s that he’s piling it on, both to pump up Stafford with confidence for the pressure and expectations that are coming. And, like Carlos said, for McVay to yet again be in position to scapegoat his QB if that becomes necessary.



I love me some Stafford, but he’s out of Detroit in his prime. If he doesn’t win some playoff football, he’s out of excuses.


In 2017-2018, with Goff at the helm [60 TDs & 19 INTs & QB ratings above 100], Todd Gurley as a superstar level RB [2556 yards rushing & 1368 yards receiving, total yards 3824 over 2 seasons], and a relatively healthy OL, the Rams went 24-7 and McVay was a “genius” until the 2018 season Super Bowl.

During those two years, the 49ers went 10-22 and the Cardinals were 11-21. Seattle was 9-7 & 10-6.

After Gurley went into a major decline, everything got worse (including Goff). Plus, the competition got better.

In 2019, 49ers were 13-3 and the Cardinals improved slightly to 5-10-1. Seattle improved to 11-5.

In 2020, after losing Jimmy G again for all but 6 games, 49ers fell to 6-10, but the Cardinals improved to 8-8. Seattle improved to 12-4.

Both the 49ers & Cardinals appear to be much improved entering 2021. Seattle is Seattle.

Cam Akers isn’t an “in his prime” Todd Gurley.

So, it remains to be seen whether there can be an “apples to apples” comparison of the 2021 Rams with the 2017-2018 juggernaut.


Grrrr - firewall

Who got all these expectations last year? Was it Mahomes and KC? Brady and Tampa? Rodgers and GB?

I feel like teams with all these huge expectations often think their stuff doesn’t stink and struggle.

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I get the feeling that McVay and Stafford are now joined at the hip. If the Rams win, all is well and good. If the Rams go down, McVay will be fired, partly because of his push to get Stafford–and he has used up his quota of blaming the quarterback.

Basically, he has nothing to lose by hyping Stafford and what he will bring to the Rams–at the very least, he will get the fan base excited and might sell a few more tickets.


True! He also might just be geeked about having Stafford. He’s got a cannon for an arm, can throw from insane angles, with velocity, and to quote the Bard, he’s got balls “as big as an Irish broad’s ass”. Why wouldn’t McVay be excited?


Rams have a difficult schedule

Likely Wins

Week 1 vs Bears
Week 6 at Giants
Week 7 vs Lions
Week 8 at Texans
Week 13 vs Jags

They could easily go 5-7 against the remainder

Week 2 at Colts
Week 3 vs Bucs
Week 4 vs Cards
Week 5 at Seahawks
Week 9 vs Titans
Week 10 at 49ers
Week 12 at GB (depends on A-Aron)
Week 14 at Cards
Week 15 vs Seahawks
Week 16 at Vikes
Week 17 at Ravens
Week 18 vs 49ers

To finish 10-7

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The Rams traded all those picks for Stafford to only have a lower win % than last year?!?!
I’d laugh my ass off if the Rams did all this and got the same results as last year with an injured Goff.


Wow very interesting and insightful perspective!

I can only imagine how cut throat these positions are so to say he’s pumping Stafford up so much to cover his own behind… well that’s just some next level stuff and also crazy enough to be true! I believe it!

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Yeah, I totally buy the fact that McVay is pumping his decision to bring Stafford to LA.
“Wow, Stafford is so great, look at how smart I am!”

McVay seems like a scorned ex that is trying to tell everyone how great his new girlfriend is just to get back at his ex…or like he was so smart to dump his old gf (after telling everyone how great she was just a year ago) and to get with this new girl.


Definitely this. Different market and expectations. McVay has nothing to really lose by taking this approach. He knows what’s at stake. Weeks 4-6, record-wise, will be the break point. If they only have one or two wins by that point without signs of turning the corner, expect an “injury” to occur to Stafford in an attempt to eek out another year. 50/50 odds on McVay surviving that. The GM there has a pretty good BS sniffer, and he’s given McVay just enough rope to hang himself with.


I can’t imagine them moving on from McVay after one dud season.

That “young hotshot offensive genius” sheen will buy him at least a couple more. But I don’t know what good that will do him. I contend the Rams’ Super Bowl-winning window is closing, not ascending.


But, he’s covering his butt by saying “man everything was so great” and if things fall apart he can come back and say “well hey what do you want from me???”

Here’s to Stafford throwing more pick 6’s than he ever has in his career, which would actually be a realistic achievement.

Thanks for all the pick 6’s stafford. Have fun in LA

Wow sorry that sounds really bitter and angry doesn’t it? Well, whatever…

LA is probably one of the most fickle markets in the world. I can completely see them moving on from McVay if they faceplant this season.

I think it’s genuine.

Stafford is a stud and if he stays healthy he will have success for the Rams.

McVay knows what he has but he’s also trying to get the locker room excited about the change at QB.

I wouldn’t be shocked if Matt has a career year.

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Stafford used to be No. 2 on the following list (behind Drew Brees–before the emergence of Mahomes), but the 2018 and 2020 seasons, put a dent in his passing yards per game average:

If Stafford has an “average” year, where he throws for 273.4 yards per game, that would equate to 4648 yards passing in 17 games.

If Stafford averages 312 per game (which is the average of his 3 best seasons), he’d pass for 5304 yards (which would be good for No. 3 all-time in a single season).

Stafford is gone, by his own choosing…and I don’t blame him.
I wish him luck (except week 7).
Goff is our QB of the future. I’m good with that.
He’s younger and healthier with a higher winning percentage.
Frankly, I couldn’t care less about the Rams.


As we own their first-round pick this year and next, I care quite a bit.


It’s all win/win, for me.
Rams suck - win
Rams win a lot - win.
I’ll have fun w/it either way.
I almost think the only way they flat suck is if Stafford gets hurt, and I can’t root for that.