Hopefully with this regime the Lions will no longer be the laughingstock of the league

I do find this funny, but hope my friends will no longer be able to post this type of stuff on my FB page in a few years…


Yea I really have alot of faith in this coaching staff and the GM. I’ve been burnt before but I like what I’m seeing in the preseason this year. Expect the offense to be pretty good and the defense to be improved but don’t know by how much.


I expect a lot of close wins. Sheer force of will.


The Lions will be a laughing stock as long as Brad Holmes is the GM. He has done an absolutely terrible job thus far. No professional organization handles the QB position like Holmes has. No competent GM trades up in the first round to draft an injured WR.

Well…it had to happen sooner or later. We have our first Holmes hater!

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I can’t really disagree with this. Williams needs to be special to justify this move.


It’s always the safe place to occupy as a sports troll. Only one team wins it all every year, so the odds are good that you’ll be able to claim “victory” for your position.


It actually isn’t a bad point. But the trade was unlike any other in terms of compensation the Vikings received. It truly was laughably bad by the Vikings.

Jamo was going in the next handful of picks. It was absolutely worth it. You could say a risky, yet brilliant move by the GM to bend over a division rival.


What beyond the trade up for jamo has made Holmes a terrible gm so far?

  1. His mishandling of the QB situation. Goff is a below average starter and both Lions backups are not NFL caliber QBs. To be here for 2 years now and not address this is inexcusable. A team like the Eagles trade a 6th for Minshew. Why wouldn’t Holmes make a move like that? He isn’t doing his job. He is asleep at the wheel.

  2. Aside from Hutch and Sewell who both were lay up picks, he has only found St Brown in draft. The rest of his picks are total duds including the 2 scrub DTs he drafted last year.

  3. 2/3 of his first picks this draft aren’t even playing right now. That can’t happen when your team is this devoid of talent.

  4. Name a quality free agent he has signed? Oh that’s right you can’t.

Holmes is setting Campbell up for failure. Campbell has a chance of being a really good coach but the Lions talent is absolutely pathetic. Very good oline but Holmes didn’t build the line. Quinn did.

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Just easier to call a spade a spade. The Lions are devoid of talent and you people will find that out VERY quickly.

Lions have maybe the best o line in the league but aside from that they are expansion level.

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You cant remember every change of GM or coach, We all thought shurly it’s Steve Mariuchi we know we’re going to be great. Remember Bobby Ross? Its over and over the fans play into it. I hope we do well but just the pre season with the greatest head coach candidate, Arron Glenn letting our defense allow last second touchdown,2 weeks in a row. Brings reality.

Its nice to think that we are not the laughingstock of the division.

Baby steps…

By the same token… 99% of trolls are just losers

And this troll is the Queen of trolls… a bit butt hurt about the trade the queens helped us with

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Wow. Lot to take in there. As far as quality free agents chark and Reynolds come to mind immediately. Both are quality receivers that have immensely upgraded our receivers room. You may think hutch and Sewell were layups but Holmes still had to make those picks over other talented player the lions could have used. The trade up for Williams was a risk but to grab a talent like that while only giving up basically a third round pick was a good move. Alim McNeil is quickly becoming a force in the middle of the defense. Malcom Rodriguez is pushing for a starting role as a 6th round pick. Jerry jacobs and aj Parker have been good corners. Both signed by brad Holmes. Same with bringing in Charles Harris who led the team in sacks. I can keep going. If you want to hate on Holmes and the lions go ahead but Holmes has made some very good moves and improved one of the worst rosters in the league.


Bingo! Which is why it was a great move.

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