Houstin to IR

Mmm, mmm, mmm, this game today has graced us with all kinds of tasty SOL shit sandwiches


when it rains it pours

if you want to win the division and actually do something this year your gonna have to go shopping

I think Brad needs to cook something up rn, clear issues rn

That’s unfortunate.

It’s good they kept 28 defenders at cut-down a couple weeks ago.

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Julian back for week 5?


I am beginning to have my doubts about Brad…he really seems to be ok with rolling with guys that to most ppl on the outside looking in, are head scratchers…I mean, Brad went into this season with both Harris’s on the team like it was all good. Got some “smartest guy in the room” vibes…


A lil bit for sure, but he has made some good moves at the same time

let him cook a lil, he shown to do stuff when he needs to

I definitely think the jury’s still out for sure, but it’s a long season so we’ll see how some of these guys pan out by end of the season.

With how Glenn was using him so far this season this really isn’t that big of a loss.


Sad but true. Playing him like a 4-3 SAM is goofy. If you’re going to play someone like that, just make it Campbell.


I am on the Will Harris Haters Board of Directors…but I definitely understand the logic of keeping him on the team. He’s basically a free player as far as the salary cap is concerned.


Exactly why we stashed him. Good thing our 2-4 string dudes got so much playing time in preseason.

True statement. I was thinking the same thing. His coverage skills won’t be missed.

I can see the logic there….

but at some point… one must decide if a free piece of shit is worth keeping around…. rather than spending a little coin on a possible productive player. Was Starling Thomas worth keeping over Will Harris? IDK… but I sure don’t have much hope that Will Harris is ever going to be good in coverage.

Will Harris really can’t be any worse than Jacobs today. I like Harris as a special teamer, not as a starter by any means, but Jacobs was terrible today.


Harris has pretty much been a clone to what Jacobs was today.


Sadly I think so much of this is the defensive scheme. Geno Smith looks like a 1st ballot hall of famer vs AG defenses.

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Gibbs will be RB1 next week

cant hold him back anymore, dial up everything for him, get him going, we need him to blow up against atlanta


Did you guys hear the play-by-play guy in today’s game? Paraphrasing: “There’s James Houston in coverage, although that’s not really his strength, he’s a pass rusher.” For f***s sake Aaron, random play-by-play guy is smarter than you are.