Houstin to IR

That’s good news… I thought Monty’s knee might be cooked. If he only out 3-4 weeks, that’s actually great news.

The fumble sucked, but Monty was looking pretty good the past 2 weeks.


Exhibit A for why A Glenn is such a good D-coordinator. Key play #1 has Houston in M2M coverage on a TE that runs a 4.4. Doesn’t learn his lesson & then puts Harris another one of our DE’s in M2M coverage on a TE. Lmao you actually can’t make this up it’s like watching a teenager play Madden


Seems like James was a splash in the pan! I told someone on the board that last year we stayed relatively healthy in terms of nfl but this year could be a different story.

He’ll get injured quick…Gibbs is not a workhorse back

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So now we got 2 of them now
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I hate those twisting alligator tackles. Those should be outlawed. Guys get injured every year off those plays.

Harris is a hell of a mentor.

Wut? Our D-coordinator is using him stupidly and then he got hurt… how’s that a flash in the pan? In week 2, lmao. Some of ya’ll need just take your midol and sleep.

Houston has a fractured ankle he is out 6-8 weeks. Don’t know who we are going to have cover TE’s now.


That’s what I meant! AG has made him into a splash in a pan type of player. AG doesn’t put his players in the best position to succeed. He doesn’t take advantage of what players do best. They’ve essentially ruin James Houston as a pass rusher

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I never saw the same energy from James Houston this year as oppose from last season. I’m curious to know if he was in the dog house when word leaked he wanted to quit the Lions because he wasn’t being used correctly. I suspect the coaches had it out for James afterwards. You heard the trade rumors. I hope we are able to get the real scoop on what happened

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Hopefully this injury will not diminish Houston’s bend, ability and speed around the corner in a long-term way.


Man this hurts.
Lions are now down to
5 DTs
3 DEs
1 Hybrid, (Romeo)

The DTs have been GREAT! At run stopping.
But pass rush. YIKES. We need someone to STEP THE F*** UP. Or they need to start looking at someone to add at the deadline to the DL.

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At least until he finds a way off this team. He can probably talk them into giving him up for next to nothing, since they think he sucks anyway.

Playing Houston in coverage was about as smart as playing Jacobs - a physical man corner - 15 yards off the ball and in zone. On top of that why is Sutton not taking DK duties?

Jacobs looked AWFUL yesterday and Houston did squat, but that’s not all on them. It’s like asking Patterson to play fullback. We’d all be scratching our heads about what on earth BJ is thinking. Same thing with AG in this case.


James Houston is a star pass rusher. He got as many sacks in 1/4 of the snaps as Hutch in their rookie seasons. He continued to do so every time he was put in position to rush the passer. The lions found a true diamond in the rough. What a gift.

What did they do with this gift?

They played him deep into the 4th quarter in the preseason. They had him cover tight ends and receivers. They had him playing special teams… which is where he broke his leg.

Too bad they didn’t just let him rush the passer in passing situations.

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