How About a Backup QB?

I’m thinking maybe FitzMagic, Josh McCown, Teddy Bridgewater, Mike Glennon, Tyrod Taylor, or Trevor Siemian. Trevor Siemian stands out as someone who could be a cheap but quality backup QB that would fill the role quite nicely. Tell me your thoughts on this topic. Here’s a link to the free agent QBs on Spotrac.
Free Agent QBs

Thinking it’s going to be Connor Cook, and that doesn’t scare me even a little bit.

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But do you agree that it would be nice to have a backup like FitzMagic to backup Stafford so we aren’t scared of Stafford getting hurt. I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on a backup QB but if we can get an upgrade for the backup QB position without spending a boatload of money I’d be happy with that.

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Nice? Sure.
Affordable? Not after today.


I agree the top guys will cost a lot more after the market has been set today. Do you think that we still could upgrade the backup while still being logically affordable. How about a guy like Trevor Siemian? I think we easily could afford him.

Blake. Bortles.

I’m just not feelin it.

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If Tyrod Taylor is cheap, he’d be interesting as a backup. Might be good for a few games if Stafford gets another Boo Boo finger.

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Tyrod Taylor would be good and Blake Bortles would fit if he got cut, which if the reports are correct, he will.

Tyrod Taylor signed by Chargers for 2 years. Teddy backed out of the deal with the Saints, still available. So everyone on my list at the start is still available except Tyrod Taylor.

Jaguars just officially released Blake Bortles.

Yeah, that one shocked me. He really seemed content learning underneath Brees.

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Teddy back with Saints. Wishy-washy.

Don’t know anything here, but I could see the Lions kicking the tires on A.J. McCarron as a backup to Matthew Stafford. I’ve said before, Lions looking for a little upgrade to that spot this offseason.

— Dave Birkett (@davebirkett) March 14, 2019

AJ McCarron would be nice, too.

Blaine Gabbert?

FitzMagic off the board. Going to Dolphins.

PS - Bring back Dave Krieg

Bortles gone. Rams.

I keep telling you guys, they picked up Connor Cook for a reason.