How about New England trading with us for tua or stafford?

Trade what? Can’t imagine they have the draft capital to make that move.

The article suggested Gilmore and the 23rd pick.

I don’t see a way we are moving that far down.

Why would we do that an take on a 19 mil contract when we can stay an take best CB in draft an likely get him with small trade down. I have question do these guys get paid for writing this kinda stuff? :poop:



I guess some like to talk about trading Stafford. Ain’t gonna happen.

Beyond that, NE doesn’t have a 2d Rd pick. They’re due to have at least three 3d Rd picks, but even if they threw in No 87 overall, to me, still not worth going to No 23 overall from No 3 overall, especially considering they could trade down a few spots and get better compensation.

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NE doesn’t have the capital and the Lions would be fools to trade out of the top 10. Unless it included multiple trade downs.

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