How about that Amon-Ra catch

He caught the ball with 1 butt cheek and 3 toes!


It would have been interesting if the tip of the ball had touched the ground. Does that make it incomplete even though he had the ball firmly controlled by two cheeks and one sack? That should be enough to count as having two hands on the ball.

It’s actually four points of contact if you count the taint.

Live i called it the butthole catch.

Amon-Ra did end the season with 106 catches. Add that to the 90 last year and he tied the all time record for most catches in his first 2 seasons. All be it with the asterisk that he played in more games than Jefferson or Thomas. I hadn’t seen anyone mention it yet


I was coming to this thread to mention it. That replay that got overturned would have gave him the record.

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Was the butthole catch his last of the game?

Gluteus catchimus!

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