How about them Tigers?

Just wanted to point out the fact that after opening weekend, your Detroit Tigers:

  1. Are tied for the best record in baseball
  2. Are in 1st place in their division
  3. Are tied for the longest winning streak in MLB
  4. Are tied for 1st in home runs
  5. Are tied for 1st in saves

I mean, I don’t think I am jumping the gun by saying, “get ready to print those virtual World Series Tickets!”

This post will age well.

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They started off great last year too.

True, but this year is a sprint, not a marathon. Plus, they got the Cron-ater now!

I think they go 24-36

Whatever gets them another top pick.

I haven’t followed the Tigers since Sparky Anderson was their coach, and the players then were : Alan Trammell , Chet Lemon , Lance Parrish…


First casualty, Miami cancels their game tonight because of COVID. ESPN is reporting a total of fourteen cases within the organization

This doesn’t bode well, but somewhat expected.

Definitely expected. I’d be shocked if MLB finished the season and this should be a sign to College Football and the NFL decision makers that playing non-bubble sports isn’t feasible during a raging pandemic.

Yankee’s-Phillies now postponed as well.

Yeah, since the Marlins just played there. Dominoes are falling and doesn’t bode well for the NFL.

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I have said from the beginning I don’t know how they can make this happen.

@BitterSyd…I was thinking that same thing. I think you will see more cancellations with MLB and you will see some with the NBA. I agree, doesn’t bold well for the NFL


If Cabrera plays for 2 more seasons he should have enough money to buy Venezuela.


I think the Tigers are at least two years away. They do have some young talented kids and it’s said that they have one of the better farm systems in the Majors. But I did enjoy yesterday’s game

Jones is on fire this year so far.

Bullpen went 4 guys 1 inning each clean. Nice.

If they are .500ish through game 40, they may have to just go for it and bring up the young arms.

Doubt it though, their offense even with Cron and Schoop is terrible. Not one of the other 6 position players are anything but AAAA scrubs.

They need to sell Boyd for a SS or OF top 50 prospect and hope Turnbull stays on the uptrend and Fulmer gets his MOJO back.

Well let’s hope, Jones can keep it up. Miggy, candy, Stewart, maybin are all outs almost every time.

4-2 and been outscored by 9 runs. So far some timely hits and absolutely awesome relief pitching has been key. Anyone else see the triple play by the Cubs that wasn’t? 3rd baseman short hopped a ball and it was called a fly ball, steps on 3rd and throws to first. Bases were loaded with no outs and Reds were killing them.

Reds without two of their best hitters in two games and then the Royals…meh.
Jacoby with a nice start, hope he can keep it going.
Bullpen is looking good early, starters not so much.
Short season so anything can happen, yet, Tigers are all in on a total rebuild, one more top 1-3 pick like Torkelson would really help. But it is fun watching them every night.

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