How awesome is this Dallas game?

Cards taken it to the Cowboys. Zeke benched for fumbling twice.

I hope the Cards keep spanking them!

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Man the NFC East is horrendous this year.

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Easily the worst division in the NFL

A 6 win team might win the division

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our luck is this

Dallas 7-9 division title winner

Lions 9-7, and out of the playoffs…


Yeah like it could be historically bad.

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Not a very good night for this fan… :man_facepalming:

There’s at least one other Cowgirls fan that poses as a Lions fan…

Dallas is a total disgrace. They have WAY too much talent to play this bad. Jason Garrett clearly wasn’t the problem.

where is he at now?

Garrett was the problem, now McCarthy and Injuries are the problem.

I really don’t give a shit, other than enjoying the hell out of this.

Drake just won people money with that garbage breakaway TD

Heyyyy, how’s all that Andy Dalton love from the “Cowboys won’t need Stafford” thread…

Can’t drive the ball past 5 yards, no touch, way off target.

Looks like he took Andre Ware pills.

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What would suck even worse is if someone went 7-9 and then did what we can’t do…win a playoff game. The last 2 teams to make the playoffs at 7-9 both won their playoff game.

I temporarily won my fantasy league because of a meaningless long catch and run by DeAndre Hopkins in the 4th quarter. But then I lost the game because of the meaningless TD catch by Amari Cooper at the end of the game. Ugh.

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I was about 40 points down because guy I was playing had D.Henry and his 40 point performance. All I had left was Murray and Cooper to play…all looking good until he had Kirk left to play…MFing fantasy football!

NYG beat philly and Washington beats dallas you’ll have a 3 way tie for first at 2-5 with a 1-4-1 philly team a game back. 7-9 easily wins division AND hosts a playoff game. That’s just wrong

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Agree - thats what you get with four team divisions. An east and west division would be fine, then winning the division means something.

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I started a thread about this. See it here.

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I think he got a bad rap. I’m not sure I’d call him a great coach but I don’t think he was a horrible coach either.

Clearly McCarthy wasn’t an improvement.

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I have to say I expected far better play from Dalton than he put forth last night. What a bad game for him.

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