How come I really don't even care?

I’m almost relieved in a way. Now I can go fishing and enjoy life without feeling I have to waste my Sundays watching these losers.


If you are anything like me, it’s because you expected this. I came into this season with the expectation that we would have a top 10 pick again and Quinn and Patricia were both lame ducks. So it’s just business as usual. I didn’t buy into any of that Stafford MVP or best RBs in the NFL hype.

It’s one game chill out.

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I’m chill as can be, bro. That’s how I know I don’t really even care if I watch another game.


Yea I never really bought into this team being any better. The loss was disappointing but I sure wasn’t surprised. Same shit as the last 2 with this coach.


I’ve been getting less and less ‘into’ nfl football for the last 5 or so years. I mean spinning our wheels watching the same game over and over and over for years is just…meh.

Our team is not considered a rival to any other team. None of them. We’d have to go 15 years of sweeping the teams in our own division just to pull even with the win/loss records against them.

That’s insane.

and I’m not paying for more channels so I can watch other nfl games. I figure by the time I’m actually invested into another team they’ll start sucking too.

Thought I might see the Lions win the super bowl before I die. Well that bucket list item has been filled with cement and thrown into the bermuda triangle.


At the end of the season I was in the MP needs to go mode. I felt then that he just wasn’t the answer and the odds were high he couldn’t rectify his mistakes.

All off season I tried to convince myself that Stafford and a run game could overcome the rest of the teams issues. Mainly bad coaching.

One game in and I feel like I did at the end of last season. I have little confidence MP can fix this.

At the end of last season it was the perfect time to get a new GM/HC, trade Stafford and rebuild with a new QB at the helm.

With Rivers, Brady, Foles, Winston, Taylor and Newton all Becoming available I’d have signed one and drafted Tua to sit behind for a year.

I love Stafford but I feel we need to tear it all down and start fresh.

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I’ll be happy when I get to that point, but it’s the first game and I go into every season with hope. At some point in the season I’m sure I’ll hit that “don’t even care” mode.

I still haven’t renewed my Sunday Ticket (this week was free). I keep trying to convince myself that I’m not going to. But come next weekend I know I will.

But my “hope” took a huge hit today.

Answer - Cus you’re not longer a fan

I came at you too strong. I apologize @Snags. The reality for me is I am done if there is another rebuild. I have been saying it for over a year to my family and friends. If this team can’t get it together then I am done. Yesterday was crazy. I am watching the lions game on sunday ticket with my father in law…my brother in law is on the other side of the house watching his ravens dismantle the browns and tonight the whole house will sit around and watch their beloved steelers beat up on the giants. I am done watching crap football…so my going at you was not wanting to hear the reality…that the lions most likely are gonna suck…AGAIN. :man_facepalming:

I appreciate the apology but there’s no need to apologize. People are going nuts and I’m right there with ya, it’s only one game…but yeah, it seems bigger now doesn’t it?!?

It’s all good my dude.

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For me I don’t care all that much because I’m just grateful to have some football to watch.

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I deeply cared going into yesterday. But after we blew the lead, I know our trash coach had not changed or gotten better over the offseason. And I know we will never win a playoff game with said trash coach. So I stopped caring then. I honestly had no reaction when Swift dropped the pass apart from feeling bad for a rookie and hoping he doesn’t get Lionized.

This franchise is completely hamstrung until we have a new coach and GM. Period.

I feel bad for Stafford. Would love to trade him to a real franchise for a haul of draft picks and rebuild around them with a new coach and GM if those stars align.