How did they comeback?

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And had 4 turnovers! Unbelievable win!
Don’t tell me this team doesn’t have a chance in the playoffs. I don’t care if that was the Bears.

The last few minutes were almost as much about coaching as about the Lions’ clutch play and execution.

Bears went waaaay conservative having crushed the Lions D thru 3.5 quarters.

Then Ben J made some sweet run calls when the Bears’ D was ALL about the Lions passing.

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Maybe we see more no huddle now?

Those last few min EVERYTHING clicked offensively.

Jared threw dimes. The receivers caught everything. DMo ran thru tackles - and Ben called some nice plays.

And THANK YOU, Chicago coaching staff, for going very conservative waaaaay too soon.

The legend of Nate claiming they were defeated.
Do it each week for the next 11 please!

What does Matt Patricia’s sphincter the day after all-you-can-eat ghost pepper chili night have to do with it?

The force of the explosion launched his fat ass out of town…


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I thought Bro was on the inactive list, or are you saying that is also a reason we won?

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I love the prevent defense, when someone else is using it.

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That pass by fields on 3rd and long was a huge help. Stopping the clock and saving us a time out.

Goff did his best Stafford impression, playing like ass for 56 minutes and then turning into Brady in the playoffs for the last 4. Chicago gets an honorable mention for going with inside handoffs that hadn’t worked all game after Fields had been torching us by scrambling.

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