How do these two banana heads not get fired?

For real explain this to me. They just do not have a high performance culture. I actually believe they don’t care.

The Fords have never believed in reacting to the fans. If you remember, WCF extended Millen after widespread fan-pressure, as if to say “screw you; it’s MY team”.


“My message (is) I’m going to do everything in my power to create a winning organization, and especially on the field,” Ford Hamp said. “The fans deserve it, the city deserves it and I am a very competitive person. I grew up playing competitive tennis. It’s an individual sport and I’m out there by myself and, boy, I hated to lose. I still hate to lose. I guess that’s my message to the fans: I’ll hate to lose as much as they do, and I’ll try not to.”

-Sheila Ford Hamp







Patricia and Quinn get paid whether they get fired or not.

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Patricia is 2-13 vs the NFC North.

Jim Caldwell was 16-8 vs the NFC North.

Patricia would need to win 24 straight division games to catch Caldwell. Four straight seasons sweeping the division!



If they don’t get fired after this game, I don’t know when they will get fired. I’ve never been so embarrassed to be a Lions fan. We were just SHREDDED. The Vikings deserve every bit to laugh in our faces. We are a pitiful team, especially our defense. We knew they were running and they were still getting 18 yard chunks. 34-20 is so misleading. It felt like 72-7. PATHETIC.

This is the week, I feel it… Who picked this date in the “when will they get fired” thread?

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This isnt even our most embarrassing game vs the Vikings.:rofl:

I was much more embarrassed by our loss to the Jets, 2018, Patricia’s first game as our coach…when that group of Jet Fans were in OUR STANDS yelling J.E.T.S…JETS JETS JETS!!!

I was fuming.

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Yeah, I have the same sort of hunch. The listlessness of the team screams “it’s over”.

You can buy Shiela’s bull. Not me.

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Same Old Lyin

Ladies and gentlemen…your 2021 head coach of the Detroit Lions

Your sarcasm radar is in need of repair…

Honest question.

Why is it so important to some of you guys that the clowns be fired now rather than at the end of the season? What’s the difference?

I don’t really care if they get fired now or at the end of the season, but I have a feeling they are going to be back next year as long as they can get to 6 wins.

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I wanted them gone before the bye when that didn’t happen and the trade deadline passed, I stopped caring if they made it to the end of the season.


I am answering for others, but I would say “hope”
If they are fired in season, you know it’s done and you know you are getting a new coach in 2021. I think most fans are worried the Lions do the small late season run where it looks like maybe they are turning a corner, then it buys the GM/Coach another year, and then next season is the exact same as this season. Also, firing in season gives you extra time to start your coach/gm search.

Plus, let’s be honest. Fans want to believe that the coach should share a little of the pain that they are feeling, and losing your job will certainly cause pain. For me, I am more on the lines of make Patricia see it through. I said to fire Quinn/Patricia for the bye week to show some accountability, but since they didn’t, now I want them to see it through and both be tossed out after the season ends.