How do you like the grey jerseys and blue helmets?

Grey Jersey with Blue Helmets?
  • Our best uni hands down
  • Nice
  • OK for a change but others are better
  • Dont like the grey - helmet is fine
  • Dont like the helmet grey is fine
  • Not good - the combination looks terrible
  • Burn them - our worst uni by far
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I like the color of the helmet but they looked like they were wearing yoga outfits or pajamas

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they go together about as well as milk and vinegar (or pizza and pineapples, LOL)


The helmets are dope as hell. Gray uniforms would be better with a pop of color.

Love the helmets.
They don’t present any sort of modern cartoony/over the top look, yet at the same time… they just look so damn fresh!

I’m a sucker for vintage looking helmets, so that old Ford logo mesh has sold me for sure.

Gray pajamas have to go though, imo.


The grey uniforms are just a notch above a potato sack


I absolutely love the blue helmets, it looked amazing, my favorite helmet in the league by far.
I actually like the grey jerseys as well. They are a nice change.
Probably not the best used together though.
But I would keep both moving forward. If we do go with black jerseys next season like some have speculated, leaning into the villain persona, those blue helmets would look incredible


Pineapple pizza is like Nickelback. People love to claim to hate it, but the truth is that it’s pretty darn good.

I love the helmets, i think if you added a splash of blue to the legs it would look a lot better. Helmet’s are straight fire though.

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I can’t fairly judge those helmets when they’re paired with those Gulag uniforms. You’d think my status as a credentialed taste arbiter would help, but when one element is so butt-ugly, it can overwhelm years of training.

My preference is less trickeration with the uniforms and helmets.


I like the blue helmets with the white or blue jerseys, just not with the gray.

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Best helmet they have.

Worst jersey they have.


Worst helmet. Awful. Never liked that stupid stylized elongated Lion.
Terrible. I still don’t know why Blue is their color at all. Tradition now.

Something only weirdos want in their mouths?

I personally like the grey jersey but the best uniform imo is the whites with blue pants

Putting off any new jersey purchase until the new designs come out.


Helmet is awesome. Grey is stupid.

Spoken as a true Hawai’in!



My brother - who doesn’t have a dog in the fight as a Giants fan, texted me during the Monday night game saying “love the color but what’s with the Egyptian hieroglyph Lion?”
I really don’t like that Lion either. It looks emaciated and tip-toe-y … just not representative of gritty Detroit.

I liked those black jerseys DET rocked a while back. Not a fan of the cave painting logo on the helmet, but that blue would pop with them, imo.

Nobody except Civil War re-enactors think gray is a good color for anybody on anything.

Not really fussy about uniforms, but I can never comment on any options for any team without voicing my disgust with my Rams’ desecrating the Gehrke swirl helmet. Whoever made that call, may their groins be forever infested with the fleas from the armpits of a thousand camels.

Google Fred Gehrke if you don’t know the story. Interesting trivia. Also credited with inventing the kicker practice net, iirc.