How do you see Kliff Kingsbury working out?

He says his offense wont necessarily be wide open every play:

…but I still can’t help but to think he’s got a rude awakening coming, but I guess Martz made an explosive offense work – so do you think KK will be OK?

(Yeah, sorry about that, I couldn’t resist.)

Swept out the door with Keim.

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I think he is back to being a successful college coach within four years…or so.

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4 years? He planning on taking a 3 year vacation after Arizona makes a clean sweep next season and drafts Tagovailoa with the first pick? I only partially jest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just can’t see this ending well for the Cardinals. I think Kliff could possibly be a good coach in the NFL, and his offense might work. I hate the fact that we have to open up with them and have no clue what to expect. At the very least I’m always going to respect Keim for having gigantic balls.

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Chip Kelly w/o the insufferable A-hole aura.

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Give it time.

His first year he should look decent, he uses a very high powered upbeat offense and has a QB that can put a lot of pressure on a defense.

His 2nd season will tell us what he really is. Either Murray is a stud and plays like Mahomes or the league figures out the gimmicky offense and shuts them down game after game.

Personally I think he will be a decent NFL HC for a number of years, he has an offensive mind and knows how to game plan. His main limitation will be Murray, if teams can slow him down the offense will sputter and they won’t be built for 3rd/1 or goal line situations unless it’s a sneak by Murray which will eventually get him injured in the NFL. I do think with a couple decent drafts that the Cards can be good again and also believe that he will get a minimum of 3 years there to make it work.

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His main obstacles are offensive line and Keim. Not to mention his offenses from the little I’ve seen seem gimmicky. I honestly see him being another Marc Trestman. Don’t think he’s arrogant enough to be another Chip Kelly. But I’m just not seeing a happy ending for Cardinal fans with this current regime.