How does everyone feel about Disner?

The lions do seem to have a decent group of guys in the front office who could either A) step into the GM role or B) stay on staff but provide good insight into the next GM.

I am always a proponent of promoting from within, but also appreciate and sometimes want outside hirings to bring a new perspective. But one of the good things BQ did was, it seems, bring in good front office support staff?

I hope this quells some of the “Rod wood making football decisions” stuff though

Also, I did no real research on him and know next to nothing so, if you disagree please say so!!!


I’m happy that there is someone with experience helping with the search.

Now get it right


Not for me. This is worse than Millen, IMO.

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I don’t really care about Disner. From what I’m reading and hearing the Lions are making some decisions that are very concerning. I’m concerned about rod woods role, disner… who knows… maybe they’re consulting The ghosts of Lions past… but I don’t understand (therefore I’m concerned) as to why they’re not taking advantage of voices in the way the Texans are. I just don’t like that they seem to be keeping it all in’house.


Please elaborate.

Not being snarky here, I just don’t see why this is a bad thing.

I’m kind of with you here, just wondering if he could elaborate.
Not that it’s a good situation, rather why it’s worse than Millen.

On one hand I don’t blame the team for using internal resources, especially those that have been around the league. On the other hand, I’m pretty disgusted with the whole Rod Wood corporate stooge bit. A guy who knows nothing is ultimately overseeing everything. Staying in-house kind of doubles down on that corporate bit. On yet another hand, if I had one, the team did better with Mayhew and Caldwell than the league-recommended Quinn and Patricia, so if they are rejecting outside “consultants” that are going to favor candidates from their own little circles anyway, then I can’t really blame them.

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You don’t buy a business that you don’t know anything about and you don’t let someone run a business that they know nothing about.

The three things Wood has been involved with, he’s :poop: the bed.

  • Responsible to some degree for the firing of Mayhew and the hiring of Quinn.
  • Responsible to some degree for the firing of Caldwell and the hiring of Patricia.
  • Responsible for alienating Calvin Johnson.

Regardless of what he’s done with the day to day operations of the Lions (non football) and Ford Field, what has he done that was good when it comes to the actual football side? Anything?

When taking this job back in 2015, he admitted he’s not qualified to run any of the other 31 football teams, but is qualified to run the Detroit Lions, because he knows the Fords. You are not qualified for the job because you know the owner. Wood wants this job because of the 7 figure paycheck he’s getting.

Arthur Blank has someone in his ear for football decisions, it’s Rich McKay. He is President and CEO of the Atlanta Falcons. But, he knows football. He was GM of the Buccaneers (including in 2002 when they won the Super Bowl) and of the Falcons, before being promoted to President/CEO and hiring Thomas Dimitroff as GM.

Who would you rather have help choose a GM, Rich McKay or Rod Wood? Choosing a GM isn’t a financial decision. I’d rather have Millen in Sheila’s ear than Rod Wood.

You don’t put someone in charge of something that he doesn’t know anything about. He’s learning from his mistakes on our dime.