How does our defense line up with KT, Hutch, and Walker?

Would KT only play the edge where he would split time with Romeo, Harris, and Juilian? Could we line up three of them at a time the majority of time?

It just occurred to me that Hutch and Walker could be better fits personal wise. I feel like they could play edge, line up at as an end in a 3-4, and play dt in certain situations.

Would like to hear some thoughts especially on whether KT, Romeo, and Harris would be on the field at the same time.

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I think they would all fit and would like to see the Lions grab an “Edge” and a “DE”. Hutchinson and Ojabo/Bonitto or Thibz/Johnson and Paschal/Hall. It would be nice to have a feared DL again, especially if we were also able to create pressure using our LB and S. Speed kills.

Can’t fill every hole on our roster adequately with this draft alone.

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