How does the NCAA create parity among the big programs in football?

Just curious if anyone else gets sick of watching the same 2-3 teams in the National Championship?..and just curious as to how the NCAA could spread the talent among all the teams rather than just all 5 star recruits going to Alabama, OSU, and Clemson?

What’s your thoughts?

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It can’t and it doesn’t care. ESPN and the NCAA created this monster when they agreed to a National championship playoff.


Nothing you can do.

The top high school athletes see Bama/Clemson/OSU in the Championship, and go “that’s where I’m signing”.

And that’s one reason Michigan let Harbaugh crawl back: because it makes NO difference. :man_shrugging:t4:

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Parity like the NFL?

Excited 2018 Nfl GIF by New England Patriots

They will soon.

I was a huge college fan, now casual at best. I filled out the office pool bowl pick ems. Watched every game…


About 8 too many bowl games so once 6-5 Maryland plays 9-3 WMU- who cares…

Then so much emphasis gets put on playoff, it virtually ends “your” teams season after loss 1, but surely at loss 2…

Take Michigan pre covid season. 9-3… 10-2 was still considered a disappointment under Harbaugh?

USC, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Washington, Texas AM, etc… none of these teams can get their swagger back?

Michigan isn’t a huge high school football state. Then divide a cold weather state between “2 top 30 national programs…”

2. Florida
3. California
4. Georgia
5. Louisiana
6. Alabama
7. Ohio
8. Virginia
9. Pennsylvania

20. Michigan

So combine more difficulty to gain entry academically at Michigan, a state with middle of the pack at best HS talent, another major program recruiting a weak talent pool, and then convince talented young guys with nfl aspirations to play in cold climate, outdoors, tougher classes and play at noon vs prime time?

Back in Bo Schembechler days, going pro wasn’t such a business.

Playing in a rose bowl was a lifelong goal.

Getting a degree from a top 10.national university was its own reward.

If you want to go pro- play at LSU, BAMA, Osu, Clemson, Georgia etc

States with little in state recruiting opposition. Schools with higher levels of HS talent to start with.

Getting drafted in the 4th round still just about ensure 1.6M or so in career earnings.

Aka- 20 years at 80k a year in 3-4 years.

College football will never be the same


How about limit 5-star and 4-star recruits to each team?

Oh yeah, like Moo U. is so much tougher academically?!? LOL

Are we really going to pretend UM is turning down a real number of talented football players because of academics?

NCAA has never had parity. Expanding playoffs to 8 with autobids would probably help some but won’t fix the problem

I will throw this one out there. Every scholarship is good for 5 years. If your player leaves for the NFL after 3 years…oh well. You still can’t use that scholarship again until the 5 years is up.

Nothing will change because NCAA doesn’t care. It’s all about money. Money rolls in whoever is in the game. If it’s the same 4-6 teams every year…so be it. And the system favors the SEC so ESPN is going to be quiet. Don’t kid yourself over who pulls the strings over college football—it’s ESPN.

100% agree @Snags it gets old. I like the playoff…but I hate how it has lessened the bowl games and the traditions like the rose bowl big ten and what not. I’d imagine the only way it gets “fixed” is if they expand the playoff to more teams and give more team a chance to get in. Right now it’s BAMA, OSU, Clemson and OK…with a random fodder team replacing either OK or OSU depending on the year…save for the year GA got in. The playoff is honestly boring…

Bowl games were lessened when they decided to make 100 of them. They aren’t coming back and I expect they will continue to move closer to scrimmages as teams prep for next season.

I disagree. You add more playoff teams and all you’ll get is more blowouts and the same 4 teams left. College football is not fun to watch when most games are blowouts. Not sure what the answer is but expanding the playoffs definitely isn’t.

In my opinion the problem starts with their playoff structure. It’s all about who brings the most revenue and the votes go to those teams. You need a true playoff structure and you will see more upsets that way too.

As for the rest of the issues and a solution. I think this article sums it up pretty well. It’s a decent read with a decent solution.

But I doubt anything changes anytime soon.

Top kids want to play in the playoff. Increase the number of teams in the CFP, you increase exposure to these kids and you will have more teams be considered by top kids. Will there still be top programs and blowouts? Of course. But there will also be the occasional upset.

Pretty much just wait on Nick Saban to retire lol. Alabama will continue having top 3 recruiting classes as long as he is there.

Agree with the limiting the 4 and 5 stars. Then you get to see how good the coaches really that can turn the 1-3 star kids into college/NFL stars. I am 100% behind making college games more competitive overall. There seems to be way more blowouts than close games overall.

Only on an NFL board would the idea of limiting 4 and 5 stars be seen as a serious idea.
Sorry kid, you cant go to your dream school Alabama because this guy Tom over at ESPN who hasn’t played football since the 7th grade decided to put a 5 star by your name.

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