How good are the Colts?

I thought they were a pretty tough and physical team that should be a playoff contender at least. Cowherd is a huge fan of them and their drafting ability.

Yet last year they seemed to kind of collapse and lost to Arizona (who we trounced), Raiders, and 2 win Carolina at the time.

Is their depth maybe not that good? They have a flat personality coach and they follow that?

For those that know them, why aren’t they a better team and what does that say about the Lions victory? Are the Lions more motivated? More prepared in the deep portion of the roster? Trying to figure out new players? All of the above?


They had Carson Wentz at QB. Wildly inconsistent, making plays/throws that only a handful of guys can make and then making some of the most boneheaded throws you’ve ever seen. And apparently he’s not a guy the team rallies around in the locker room.

Matt Ryan is exactly what the Colts need to push for a deep playoff run. They are a loaded team and I’m highly encouraged how the Lions responded from a bad day on Wednesday and came out and had a great practice Thursday and then dominated the trenches on gameday.


Almost stopped reading after you mentioned Cowherd :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously though, I think the Colts will battle with the Titans down to the wire for the AFC South. Jaguars should be improved, but those 2 are still the best in that division.

Colts success imo will simply come down to how much left in the tank Ryan really has left.

I think they’re one of a few teams with a legit Super Bowl shot.

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I think the Titans are going to have a rough year compared to recent past. They lost Brown and Julio at WR… and also lost pro-bowl OG Roger Saffold.


Fair enough they just might. Being a fellow Liberty football alum, not gonna lie: Would love for Willis to take the starting job at some point. :+1:

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The Colts get Houston and Jacksonville twice a year too. They’re going to have 10+ wins this year.

I’d go with pretender.

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This is what I get out of it. Only because of reading how well the starters did against each other last Wed & Thurs. Then the second stringers winning on Saturday.

Of course its only a one game window. With that being said, I would be proud to call us the Indys of the NFC, at this stage.

When thinking about other teams that are known for their “toughness” , I’d include the ravens and steelers. Two more teams that seem to finish weak every season.

To the lions “grit” and credit, DC had the lions finish the season strong despite the terrible start.

This season I think the Lions will start out much stronger and more prepared, though the eagles game is a tough first one.

Is DC building true grit and toughness? Can the team get better into the playoffs?

Pete Carroll is a coach I felt usually did a good job of getting his team playing better as the season went on. Billichick as well.

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