How good would Slay look in our backfield?

What a pair of complete A-holes Quintricia were. I didn’t think we could do worse than Millen but I think given enough time these two clowns would have achieved 0 - 17.

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I think this staff would be moving on from him at his price point. He is not the player he used to be. Getting more injuries with age as well.

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Bobby price looked pretty good this weekend, the guy had 3 PDs in his first game as a starter. I was really impressed
With him.

Plus Dak was throwing to wide open receivers all night. I wasn’t watching specifically for Slay, but the Eagles pass defense as a whole stunk it up pretty bad last night.

Take that low “Price” all day.

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How would slay look? Just as shitty as he looks in Philly, or worse.

Cooper and Lamb were quiet. Eagles have been shutting down wrs this year.

If only they could stop the run, or stop a screen pass, or stop a bootleg. The Eagles D looked almost as bad as the Lions D did under Patricia last night.