How Jake Fromm became the NFL draft's biggest freefall and what it means for the Lions

Georgia’s sputtering offense

Why didn’t Fromm go back to Georgia to help his cause? And why did he fall so far?

Those questions have two entirely different answers. Part of the reason Fromm left Georgia is because the offense wasn’t suited to highlight his skills. Or anyone’s skills, really. He escaped an offense inhibited by a talent deficiency at wide receiver, inexperience at coordinator and nagged by a lack of creativity. Sure, there were two first-round picks at tackle and the electric D’Andre Swift. But there was little else, allowing defenses to stack the box.

“I don’t think there’s any question the offense held him back,” said an opposing defensive coach familiar with Georgia’s scheme. “Anytime you have a change at the coordinator position and it’s new, there’s going to be growing pains.” ***

Coley had success as a play-caller in his past, but Georgia’s offense regressed significantly. It dipped from 37.9 points per game to 30.8, and Coley was in serious trouble after a 20-17 double-overtime loss to South Carolina in October.

Fromm’s unfiltered view of the offense in 2019 has never been voiced. But he spoke with his actions, declaring for the NFL draft on Jan. 8. From 2018 to 2019, his completion percentage dipped by nearly seven points (67.4 to 60.8), he threw six fewer touchdowns (30 to 24) and attempted 78 fewer passes (385 to 307).

Despite a lack of creativity, lack of talent at WR, mundane QB play, and stacked boxes, Swift still managed to excel. Perhaps, that’s why he was preferred over JK Dobbins who thrived in the best of circumstances.

Anyway, bodes well for the Lions.

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Then why did all 32 teams pass on DAndre, some passed on him twice?

Didn’t he go in the 6th round or something? Teams passed on him a lot more than twice. I don’t see anything more than backup material.

It was a surprising run for him at Georgia. Iniatially I thought Fromm was a stud but it seemed he peaked that first year.

I mean he’s the reason that Fields and Eason transferred. Was it the system they ran or is he really not an NFL Qb?