How long before we see a 50 year old NFL player?

Vinatieri will be 47 on 12/28, the Colts play their last regular season game on 12/29.

George Blanda retired just shy of his 49th birthday.

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Starting to wonder if Brady will…

Only semi-joking

This was my first thought.

Frank Gore

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Yea, he is pretty amazing too

I think its coming. I remember Rich Gannon talking about the general concept. He talks about all of the issues he has from football. BUT, he also talks about some of the quarterbacks he’s been around after football who still have the arm well into their 50s. I couple that with something Brett Favre keeps saying…even though at first blush it seems like bluster. “I could still play in the NFL if I wanted to. Slinging a football isn’t a problem. I just don’t like getting hit anymore.”

Combining thoughts, if Rich Gannon is to be believed in what he says he’s witnessed first hand…and Brett Favre is to be believed that he’s one of the type of guys that Rich Gannon says he’s personally witnessed…that leads to an interesting situation. If top level NFL QBs could truly sling the rock into their 50s with no problem, and the NFL is protecting them from the hits…we might be entering a new age where a QB will cross over into his 50s.


The QBs today hardly get hit

If Farve played his whole career with todays QB protection he would absolutely play till 60

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QBs rarely get hit, yet 8 teams are using/ have used their backups already this year, due to injury.

You have to remember the guys laying the hits are much stronger / faster than guys years ago.


Good point

That hit on Mason Rudolf should be getting fined

Maybe a long snapper, or a kicker/punter.

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Water boy ?

The Mule


Yeah, exactly what I was thinking too. These guys used to get clobbered but now they hardly get touched.

I definitely agree with that. But I must also bring up something I heard from a veteran QB. Have you ever noticed how often its the younger, less experienced QBs getting injured vs the experienced vets? Its not a coincidence that a young guy gets hurt with a few games of becoming the starter, while the regular starters are able to go a lot longer before being injured. And of course the top level starters who’ve been at it for a while need a flukish type play to put them out. They know how to move in such a way to avoid some of those hits.

Unless they play in detroit. I think our OL has reduced Mathew’s life expectancy by 10 years

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How old is Brady?

Depends on the type of QB. I could see a pocket passer lasting that long but I don’t ever see a Mahomes, Wilson, Newton, Rodgers, or any other “mobile QB” lasting that long. Most of their injuries tend to occur when they leave that pocket.

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after all these years, i honestly dont know how QBs don’t fk up their knees ever time they slide on turf like sliding into home plate. :slight_smile: not from the impact but b/c it seems so easy for the foot to get planted and stuck in the turf vs actually sliding which would have dire consequences for the knee joint. the astroturf must be so much “smoother” / “slippery” these days then what i remember.

I definitely don’t see someone like Newton lasting a long time in the league. They literally use him as a runningback quite a bit, power running into the teeth of the defense. I think getting outside the pocket is dangerous, but so is staying in the pocket. I would honestly teach my quarterbacks to do what Brett Favre used to do. After he threw a pass, he would run away from the spot he threw it from. I can’t stand it when a QB will throw the ball and then just stand there watching it. Get the F out of harms way!

42 right now.