How long of a leash does Decker have?

If he is healthy im sure he will start but in my opinion no need to rush him back.If he let’s early pressure on Stafford or looks shaky do you think they would pull him?If it was up to me which it’s not Crosby would start and give Decker another week.

Never understood the hatred for the man. He has a bad back and coming off injury last year. At worse, he’s Backus. In the long run, is that really bad? The talk of finding Crosby as a good replacement is hilariously funny. How soon before the opposition finds out he needs a TE anchored to his ass to make sure he doesn’t whiff on a block. There are other upgrades that need to be addressed first.

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Given the way Crosby played last week, Decker may be your new backup Tackle.

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I read a post on Reddit where Crosby was left on an island most of the time against Ingram and Bosa. They were invisible in the pass rush. I’d have to go back and re-watch the game to confirm he didn’t get much help, but it was night and day between Decker and Crosby from game to game.

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Really? I thought I saw TE help a lot, but I did not watch the whole game. I had to multi task while at work.

Yea, passing unverified info. If we repeat it enough it’ll become true if nobody watches the tape themselves. lol

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According to this, only 13 plays:


Dear lord, if he’s Backus we’re ruined for the next decade.

Thanks! I’m going to discredit that poster going forward. I should’ve known. lol

Just saying that Backus was serviceable. He wasn’t the best, but far from the worse.

Here is Ragnow’s twitter.
He made a good play on that TD.


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"It’s funny. People say that Eli Manning is a bum, but


is the GOAT. Yet, Eli beat Brady and


TWICE in the Super Bowl. Eli - not anyone else - won the SB MVP in both games with throws Brady wishes he could make. In a BIG game, I’d take Eli over Brady any day."

Its still nice to fine things that never change. The smell of fall in the air and Rob Parker still being a clueless asshole.

At this I’m going to have to go back and re-watch the game and probably start a thread on it. Maybe I’ll post some pretty pics for people to see as well.


Very long an I would start Crosby an give him more time to heal. Crosby did great sunday so lets hope he can repeat.

Decker will have more time to heal an not rush him

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Talent wise that could be true, but Backus also started 186 straight games. He was an iron man that either never got injured or was able to play through minor injuries. His first game missed due to injury was 12 years into his career.

I thought both Backus and Reiff took undeserved criticism and always tried to defend them.

I can’t do the same for Decker. He really seems to be going downhill fast.

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Have you noticed a pattern here:

Backus - Michigan
Reiff - Iowa
Decker - Ohio State

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Aaron Gibson- Wisconsin


His leash is at least 14 games long

I think Crosby just might feel way more natural working on the left side like he did in college, albeit he didn’t do it from a 3 point stance there. He had crazy plus protection stats there and then. I don’t know how much the knock on the head affected him in that preseason game where he looked like a bum off the street, but he just might not have what it takes foot-wise working on the right side.

Wow, a lot of crummy words to say something simple. But it would be a good problem to have if Decker could take Wiggins’ spot. I’m not in favor of a lot of shuffling OL guys in season but if Crosby can hold up well at LT it may become an option. However unlikely.

Crosby still looks like soft and pillowy and Decker looks like a beast of a man. But the bottom line is who can protect the blindside most efficiently.

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Which explains, in part, why Decker’s run blocking grade is so much better than Crosby’s (who apparently was pretty bad in that department vs LAC).