How many Alabama players taken in the first round?

Draftkings has another bet, 5.5 players taken in the first round from Alabama.
Would you take the over or under?

Over. They’ll break the record with 6. It’s very hard to see a scenario where Smith, Waddle, Jones, Surtain, Barmore, and Harris aren’t 1st round picks.

Let’s see:

QB - Mac Jones
RB - Najee Harris
WR - Smith and Waddle
CB - Patrick Surtain

That’s 5 guaranteed 1st rounders right there. So it seems like an easy bet.

Surtain, Waddle, Jones, Smith and probably Barmore are locks. I think Harris goes in late round 1 as well but that’s probably a coin flip. Leatherwood seems like an early round 2 guy but he’s a possibility

My guess would be 6.

And if a Harris doesn’t go in the first it’s likely due to a Leatherwood moving up due to position.

Harris is the wildcard IMO. He “should” go late first, I do think he is a special player. Man that size and athleticism. Poor man’s Saquon. But I do think it’s possible he falls out. Perhaps, Leatherwood sneaks in. It is possible that Harris and Leatherwood both go late first. That would be 7. Unreal.

They call Alabama the Crimson Tide
Call me Deacon Blues

There are 130 NCAA D1 teams. And 1 team is likely to have 20% of the first rounders in this years NFL draft. Think about that stat for a second, crazy.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Bama could have beaten a Patricia lead Lions team the past few years. No chance Patricia’s D would have slowed down Bama’s offense.

They could easily have 3 in the top 10 with Smith, Jones, and Waddle.

PIT has been looking hard at RB’s and many think that Harris doesn’t get past them in round 1.

MIA is also looking at RB’s. The question is do they take one at 18 or wait until round two?

I really like Harris but 18 is too high IMO

They get probably 20% of the 5 star recruits every year so not a huge surprise.

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To me Harris and the Steelers are a perfect fit. If he gets passed them, its going to make me wonder why. Harris is LeVeon Bell 2.0.