How many chances is Jack Campbell going to get?

It is very frustrating to me that Jack Campbell continues to eat into Barnes’s snaps at the MIKE linebacker. Derrick Barnes played 65% of his snaps, (47 snaps) in the Chicago game out of position at the SAM linebacker. He has been forced into this position for two primary reasons. 1). Jack Campbell was abysmal at Sam when he was forced there due to Barnes’ good play at MIKE. 2). HCDC wants to keep Jack Campbell on the field. I read in the Chicago Lions game thread how posters criticized Barnes’ play, how many of those posters realize Barnes is playing out of position to keep Campbell on the field. Campbell is now abysmal at MIKE. MCDC is hurting our defense and tying the hands of AG by forcing Jack Campbell into the starting line-up. Jack Campbell has done nothing sense training camp to prove his worth. For the past three weeks he got a penalty in the end zone on Garopolo, got stiff armed to the ground by Allen and this week got stiff armed to the ground for the second week in a row by Roschon Johnson Chicago’s third string running back:

When a forth round draft choice faces a first round draft choice, this should not happen. I don’t think I have ever seen worse play by any linebacker in NFL history. I am not a fan of PFF, but I’m anxious to see Campbell’s grades for this game in comparison to what I saw. Some would argue that we won, I say to that we won despite Campbell’s play, we will not win one play off game with the sub-power play of Jack Campbell. I say bench Campbell and play Barnes at MIKE were he has flourished this year and find another SAM on this team.

Dude Barnes played 71 snaps yesterday and ur still complaining. Think he came off the field for 1 play.

Meanwhile Jack came off the field a bunch.


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I don’t think Jack was necessarily abysmal at the SAM he just isn’t a pass rusher and that seems to be the focus at that spot while we struggle to find a second go to source for pressure.

I do think Jack falls back on his length to make tackles too often. Arm tackles that he was able to make in the Big 10 are getting broken more often against better competition. He’ll adjust.


You are talking to a group that has seen Barrett Green, Chris Claiborne, James Davis, Kalimba Edwards, Jahlani Tavai, Jordan Dizon, Teddy Lehman…and they were ALL 1st or 2nd rounders in the last 20 years here.

You are absolutely hysterical in both senses of the word, and any relevant point you make, cogently, about how Campbell struggled yesterday/last few weeks, is completely undermined and undone by that kind of foolishness.

EDIT-Oh yeah,and Ernie Sims


Jarrad Davis, Ernie Sims, and Jordan Dizon say hello.





Considering Barnes played 95 percent of the snaps yesterday it appears we have a new coaches pet. :joy::joy:


@Weaselpuppy there is no reason to reintroduce this trauma sir.

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He played 47 of those snaps out of position. This dose not help our team. He started the year on fire at the MIKE, why move him to a position he is not familiar with. They tried the same thing with Campbell a first round draft choice and he could not make the adjustment, as a result they forced Barnes to primarily play the SAM, that is what I am complaining about. Barnes receives nothing but criticism while playing OUT OF POSITION.

Sounds like the same story as last year, but it is not, new year, and news ways to screw Barnes, that sounds the same.

That’s not true at all. Most posters have talked about his overall improvement this year. Barnes also has experience playing on the LOS in college. Jack didn’t.

Anyways you are obsessed with this and clearly don’t care about the Lions being 8 and 2.

Just once comment or talk about something else.


65% of that, OUT OF POSITION, so Campbell can stay on the field and play horrific.

You never respond when I talk about something else, only when I defend Barnes.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for that. Rarely seen it before.

Although I do seem to remember J Will stealing Swifts touchdowns last year… haha

He isnt a lions fan. He doesn’t know our pain.

He is a barnes fan.


If I cant complain about the current team, then I am recycling.

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Anzalone is our best LB and its not even close. Both, Barnes and Campbell, disappoint lately maybe our second best LB plays actually FB? There are no tackling issues by that guy.

Seriously dude - you need help.


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