How many chances is Jack Campbell going to get?

You ever watch Barnes at Purdue prior to his Sr. Year? He was a pain in the ass to deal with as a DE.

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I can’t say I did honestly. I’d just like to get back to a 3-4 until we have a second viable LB and 2 more solid DL players.

You’ve never seen worse play out of a LB in NFL history?

Completely absurd comment
The premise of your thread is again, delusional

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He was a stud and he was Houston like. Freaky long arms mixed with some bend (although not Houston level bend). He didn’t have Houston’s creativity but was far superior at converting speed to power.

I think Barnes could help us rushing the passer kuch more than Jack can. That’s all I was trying to say.

Got ya. I just think we stand up Hutch and JO and let them play for now. Blitz Barnes from ILb

You’re just chumming the water :joy:

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He has had his ups and downs like most rookies. You seem like someone who doesn’t watch much football if you think he hasn’t done much since training camp.

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There was nobody more against drafting Campbell in the first 3 rounds on here than I was. I also said the Lions need to draft a TE or a RB to be a playmaker on offense. I will admit I wanted Luke Musgrave ahead of LaPorta. I was told your not allowed to draft a RB or a TE early. So I sympathize with you Cap. I actually thought Jack made plays at the end of the game to make the Bears go 3 and out. I want Campbell to succeed, and it was not his fault he was drafted earlier than he should have been. He did have outstanding numbers in the agility drills at the combine and he is smart. I wish he was a little more aggressive and forward.

Can’t assume the OCs are that brilliant…, or maybe can’t assume just because Jerry has the most PDs that it’ll be successful.

For as bad as some make out some Lions players to be
Makes me wonder why they really don’t target those players every play … but maybe that’s the answer. It’s not as easy as some make it sound.

It took Levy 3 years. Took Barnes 3 years.

Took Alex Anzalone longer than 3 years.


Jack is already a good run defender and blitzer.

To blame him for a bad game against and RPO offense as a rookie?

By 2nd training camp, if the player does not click/get it, the we can wonder.



Hey man, leave the nostalgia to me.

PS Bring Back Dennis Gibson


Jack is no Paris Lenon, but he is okay for a rookie LB.

Paris was the Achilles heel of that defense

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Complaining Adventure Time GIF by Cartoon Network


[quote=“Rugbylion658, post:167, topic:28734, full:true”]

THE LIE-First it was that MCDC was paying PFF to manipulate Barnes grade to support his playing time…
THE TRUTH- PFF can be political, players popularity can influence grades, the people doing the grading are human and fallible. The drop in Barnes’ PFF grades could be a result of negative commentary. There was never any mention of paying all LIES

THE LIE- now the argument is that despite Barnes getting an increase in snaps, they are all out of position (even though he played that ripe in college) and this is not fair to Barnes.

THE TRUTH- Barnes’ snaps are PRIMARILY out of position at the SAM to get Campbell on the field at the MIKE

THE LIE- Campbell is not a NFL linebacker, and if we play him we will lose in the playoffs…BUT if we put Barnes back to his position and keep Campbell on the sidelines we will win the Superbowl? Do I have that correct Cap?

THE TRUTH- Campbell is not yet ready to play in the NFL, so keep him on the sideline until he is ready and play Barnes at the MIKE the position he was in when he was on fire to start the season, and find another SAM on the team.

THE LIE- You have no idea what Campbell’s roles and responsibilities are on a given play so who are you to evaluate him?

THE TRUTH- Most grandmas can recognize a missed tackle or or coverage, this is not rocket science, some assignments are very obvious and Jack Campbell by all accounts media, coaches ,PFF, my eyes, you name the source, has been documented as playing poorly thus far this year. It is not a secret. You don’t like the fact that I am calling out his poor play and the preferential treatment he is getting in being allowed to stay on the field. GET OVER IT.

If you want to pick and choose plays to make Campbell look bad I can do the same

No need to pick and choose, Campbell’s entire play this year has been sub- power, especially for a first round linebacker, again your denial.

THE LIE-Barnes as he got stiff armed to ground and failed to make a tackle Yesterday…guess teams are running at him too.

THE TRUTH- Barnes has not been stiff armed to the ground all year by a player running the ball, Campbell has twice.

THE LIE- You’re a joke and have zero basis for your opinion…

THE TRUTH- Campbell has not had a “GOOD GAME “ all year and very limited good plays that’s my basis for my opinion.

THE BIGGGGGGGGG LIE- until the coaches allow you to sit with them and hold your hand and explain the roles and responsibilities of the LBs on each play, your opinion is just that and had NO FACTUAL basis!

THE TRUTH- I don’t need third year coaches support to have an opinion about a sport I have coached, played, watched, and loved, for the 63 years I have been on this earth. Your comments in regard to my forming an opinion is demeaning, arrogant, and expresses clearly who you are and what you are about. You place the coaches on a pedestal, I don’t and never will. NFL coaches make mistakes in coaching, counseling, selecting players, evaluating talent ETC. You hear about coaches getting fired regularly that mean they make mistakes. Putting your faith in any man is a formula for disappointment.

By definition, opinions can be baseless including the coaches and yours. However I value my opinion and the work I put into developing it , and that is all that is necessary to post on this forum. If you don’t like my opinion SO WHAT.You have no authority to suppress my opinion, but for some ugly reason you think you do.

Opinion-a view or judgement formed about something not necessarily based on fact or judgement.

I started to read that but then I realized Oliver Stone is making a sequel to JFK about the Barnes conspiracy theories so I figured I’d wait for the film so there wouldn’t be spoilers.


Good for you.


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Yes, but it is interesting how many people engage. I’ve tried to talk reason to him a few times, to no avail. He actually does have a point or two worthy of discussion.

It is almost fascinating (to me anyway) how linearly he thinks, how dismissive he is of other lines of reasoning, and how he can generate a topic with hundreds of replies. But I’m off-topic, so just move on, LOL.

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Alright everyone…we are 200 deep in this thread.

Has anyone answered the question?

How many chances is Jack Campbell going to get?
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  • Not enough
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