How many MLB teams have a winning playoff record since 2010

I’ll give you one to eliminate.

Mike Trout has 0 playoff games won in his career.

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Houston for sure…curve balls coming. Bang, bang, bang on the trash can.

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1 correct.

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The Dodgers have to be one of them.

I think

Atlanta maybe. This is difficult.

Probably the Royals. They haven’t went to a lot of post seasons, but typically do well when they do go.

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Phillies I think too.

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Royals Phillies Astros correct

6 left.


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Cardinals are correct.

5 left



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Diamondbacks based on 1 season I think

Also did @frm710 guess the Expos… lol go easy on the lunch beers my friend :joy:


Dbacks is correct.

4 left and you are missing the top 3

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Missing the top 3? Shit let me think…

So the Giants wasn’t correct? Didn’t they win like 3 world series?

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Giants are good. Dodgers are good.

I mixed up 2 lists.

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STILL short 2 teams.


Somehow i forgot the Red Sox… couple world series wins in there

Gotta be 1 team left… if it’s the Yankees I riot

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Red Sox correct, Yankees not.

1 more


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