How many rookies will make the Detroit Lions’ final roster?

My uninformed opinion on this topic: The first 4 picks are in, everyone else has a hard road

All the draft picks will 100000% make the final 53 man roster. Because theres no way any of them will clear waivers to make it to the PS.

Obviously Arnold and Rakestraw will 100% make it. Likely wont start day1 but will be worked in.

Mahogany and Manu will be OL8, OL9 on the roster.
Starting 5 OL. Plus.
Then Skipper, Sorsdol, Mahogany, Manu.

Wingo 1000% cant have too many DL.

And of course Vaki as a ST specialist that will moonlight as a RB and Safety in emergency or trick play situations.

So thats 6.

Question is how many UDFAs make it.

You have

WR - I. Williams, good WR depth.
Lions carry 5-6 WRs so great chance.
IOL - Eguakun, Good center OL depth
Lions usually only carry 8-9 OL. So hes a prime practice squad leader. But they COULD add him.
LB - Chambers, Good Special Teams and LB depth
Lions usually have 6 LBs on the roster where 2 of them play heavily on ST, (JRM & Pittman) so great chance.
LS - Hatten, cheaper and younger than Daly
K - Turner, if he can beat out badgley.
NB - Norris, ST/ DB depth
DB - Garnes, ST/DB depth
DB - Strickland, ST/DB depth
LB - Gilbert, ST/LB depth

Everyone else is a way bigger long shot barring injuries.

I could see a couple UDFAs making it. And hopefully all those guys listed if they dont make it, they can clear waivers and make it back to the Practice Squad.

So low end. 6 high end say 10.

Also note, DE - Betts, and hopefully K - Bates are not rookies.

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5 to 10 tops.

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Six rookies but I also think CB Gilmore has a shot at a roster spot too. I think we are 5 deep at CB but Moseley likely gets PUPed leaving the door open at CB.

At WR we are 4 deep with roster locks so there is room there as well.

Gilmore isnt a rookie. He had playing time last year

But yes depending on whose on IR or PUP. If all are healthy hell be on the PS. But if someone in that DB field is out. Then hell be on the 53z

There are a few UDFA players that have a shot, but I don’t predict any of them making it at this point.

they seem to like Vaki tho…