How many times have refs screwed the Lions out of wins?

I want to try and make a complete list. To start off:

2019 @ Green Bay (two phantom facemasks)
2017 vs Falcons (10 second runoff)
2015 vs Green Bay (another phantom facemask)
2015 @ Seattle (batting the ball out the endzone)
2014 @ Dallas (picking up the flag for PI)

I’m talking games where a late, shitty decision basically cost the Lions the win. I know there are loads …

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Megatron in Chicago, Houston Schwartz’s challenge situation, Tampa Bay Pollard’s sliding catch…

It would be tough to come up with a “complete” list, particularly since some of the worst and most influential calls happen before the final drives.

2018 @ 49ers (illegal contact on an interception)
2016 vs Titans (phantom Ebron offensive pass interference)
2016 @ Bears (phantom PI on Tahir Whitehead)
2015 @ Rams (phantom illegal chop block on Theo Riddick)
2013 vs Ravens (missed PI in endzone vs Kris Durham)
2008 @ Vikings (phantom 40 yard PI so Minny could kick the game winner)
2005 @ Packers (Samkon Gado play)

I know i am biased since I go to all the Lions games against Minnesota in Minnesota. The Lions had favorable calls in both games in 2016 and 2017 (both Lions wins).

But really those are the only times I remember any egregious things going the Lions way.

This year, GB has the highest “beneficiary yards” from penalty @ 501… no surpise, the lions are dead last with 234 yards…

F*&@ing Samkon Gado. In the grasp, knees down, chucks the ball forward underhand with two hands, no GB player in sight, and the ball doesn’t reach the original line of scrimmage Somehow, it’s an incomplete forward pass and not an illegal forward fumble, a safety, or intentional grounding.

I do remember the 2017 game. Got away with an actual facemask, I believe?

Remember there was also a call for holding in the endzone that would have been a safety that magically disappeared.

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After two, 10-minute huddles and conversations by the refs.

Not only did they declare it a legal forward pass, the Green Bay holding on the play, starting at about their 2 yard line, magically occurred within that two-yard gap before the end zone line, since it would have been a safety if it happened in the end zone.

It’s ridiculous the level of benefit doled out to teams like the Packers.

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Way too many times to count!

I was at that Megatron game in Chicago. Last time i went to a road game. Raiola was great, he refused to move from his extra point attempt position…the guy wouldn’t buy the call. I had a Bear fan approach me wanting to fight on the way out, but I was with clients and the guy could hardly stand up without taking a punch yet.

Most of the posters here can’t count that high. Most of them would break down and start crying before they could get far enough.

remember when we got called hitting Erin on the “facemask” that was a shoulder hit and it set up the Hail Mary TD and Packer win?

That’s the sad thing. This isn’t even the first time the refs have confused a shoulder and a face mask in games between us and GB.

When they start recycling ways to screw us over, you know it’s getting bad.