How many U of M OL guys get drafted?

Grant may end up being the prize of the 2025 draft. He’s a flat out beast.


They are trying to win a Natty… even McCarthy made it known he wants wins… not personal awards after that game.

They also also have 7 OL guys that may be drafted…
I think they like the chance to run block for an entire half!

I prefer Zach Zenner

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Well, the PSU game was the exception to how the season has gone from a run/pass splits.

yesterday was similar……

32 straight runs?

JJ was off yesterday no doubt about that.
Saw something on SM about his numbers when Harbaugh is or isn’t on the sidelines, pretty big difference in performance.

Penn state game was
8 passes
46 rushes

MD game
23 passes
45 rushes

UM puts a ton of Olinemen into the NFL.

But most B10 school do.

I think they care more about athletic measurable than if they got to showcase their pass blocking skilz in college. The NFL knows these kids still need to be coached up.

Heck Sewell did not even play his last season and he is doing OK.

It is about athletic ability, length, attitude ect

I’m not trying to say the Maryland game was identical to the PSU game… but U of M ran way more in the past 2 games than they had previously.

I hope the passing game wakes up for next weekend…

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I think UM will always run more than they pass, just Harbaugh’s style of offense. I know they talked about passing a lot more this season compared to last couple of seasons and I think they have done that,(without looking up the box scores for each game).

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