How many WR's go in the first round this year?

Just curious how many WR’s you guys think could go in the first round this year?

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6: Wilson, Burks, London, Olave, Williams, and Watson, in that order.

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Interesting I would have said 5-6 but DJ made a good point that all that speed/depth will push the WR down and predicted a heavy D draft in first round.

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I think there’s 6. Olave, Wilson, Williams, London and Burks seem like locks. Then I think there will be a team who takes another one like Watson, Bell, Pickens or someone else they fall in love with.

Not Pickens?

The wild card in this draft, especially for the Lions, is how many QBs go before #32. I think Willis goes in the first round, but could see just him or him and 4 others.

You know what will be interesting, is we’re saying somewhere around 6 WR’s could go but the first one might not even be in the top 10. That means that 6 out of 22 picks (or even less) could be teams picking WR’s?..that seems hard to believe that it would actually work-out that way.
I think we’ll see some good WR’s slide and still on the board with our pick 32.

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I think Pickens will go about half way between #34 and 66.

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History shows that there are plenty of 1st round busts to make GMs wary, so I hope you’re right.

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I think he goes pick #32

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Probably 6.

Definitely 5.

I’ve been projecting 5-6.

If you held me to a number I’d say 5.

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I think 3 for sure. Maybe 4

That’s why I think 5.

There’s also a bunch of edge guys who should go round one as well.

Not to mention there’s always a bunch of OT’s and CB’s taken and this class has a solid CB group too.

What positions will fall to round 2 then?

S, OG, LB if you ask me.

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