How Michigan football shut down top NFL draft prospect, Ohio State star Chase Young

Interesting take from Runyan on stopping Chase Young.

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Actually says a lot about Runyon and his game.

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Too bad they didn’t shut down OSU’s O in that game.

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Young is the REAL deal. Those last 3 teams watched the Wisconsin tape and did a “Jordan Rules” on him.

My fear is that Young will be available @ 3 - and Quinn will either trade out of the pick, or just take another guy over him…because the Lions are “smarter” than everyone else. SMH


Yeah, that was my thought as well.

Great article, thanks for posting. Wouldn’t mind taking Runyan later on in the draft.

Runyan ended up having a pretty good career at Michigan after his disaster against ND two years ago. I think he might have gotten some real hype if he was taller. We just assumed he was an OG playing out of position due to necessity, but he actually has some pretty long 34"+ arms.

I wouldn’t mind drafting any of the UM OL later in the draft. Ruiz won’t last, but the other three will probably be there mid/late rounds.

From what I have been able to find his arms are just over 33". Looks like he’s projected to be a backup/special teams player. If he goes undrafted I would bring him in but it’s a good year for OT’s, we need one, and I think we can do better with our picks. If we had a 7th, sure.