How much importance do you give the preseason with a new regime?

I guess the consensus answer will be the same, which is essentially nothing, but does it change for you any because of the new regime?

Preseason doesn’t really matter unless they look as lost and pathetic as they did under Patricia and Mooch.


Left side of the O-line returns but Vaitai & Sewell are playing new positions. Hopefully the “Pacific Islander” connection pays off and they become a force on the right side. They will need some time to gel.

Timing between Goff and WR’s will improve with live action but overall I think our offense could get by with little to no preseason action. The WR battles will be mostly won in practice.

Defense is where we really need the reps. We are totally scrapping everything from last year and even though many people are returning, our defense is going to be so radically different that the preseason will be especially important for them. I see a LOT more playing time for defensive starters vs offense this preseason.

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I like Pre-season, It gives our new team more time to play together , get used to running the plays, get reps, and be more prepared for the regular season IMO.

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I will reserve judgement, until I see and feel into it, but I like a 16 game season. We should scrap another preseason game.

No injuries!!! My only concern

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I would say very little.

But I am curious to see how Goff looks more than anything.

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The score doesn’t mean anything to me. What I want to see is if the team actually comes out and competes and looks competent.

I want to see the development of the run game start. Players lining up properly, not jumping off sides or committing stupid penalties

Defensively, the same. Players not wide open on a regular basis or getting gashed on the ground

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I’d like to see people looking on the same page, even if the outcome isn’t “good”. Even if our schemes are vanilla and the talent isn’t there, I don’t want to see bewilderment, blown assigments. I’m ok with getting beat physically, not mentally.

I’d also like to see competent nuts and bolts game management and situational awareness from the coaches.

That’s really all I need to be pleased with preseason…this year.

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Considering there was no preseason last year, I think this preseason is actually going to be fairly important for the 1st and 2nd year players to compete and battle for roster spots, especially players that Bob Quinn drafted better standout or they are likely getting cut.

It will be an incredible testament to coaching if the defense comes out of the chute in synch and effective. I do not expect that and the pre-season especially could look awful. So I am going to give the new system with new players a pass for the first couple of regular season games. Then I expect significant progress and results. Our post-season chances could be toast by the time they get it together, but that is what often comes with such massive changes.

We will shut out our first 17 opponents… :crazy_face::+1::heart::upside_down_face::pray:

All for playing only 2 preseason games (H & A) since we will get to an 18 game season sooner than later. Maybe increasing the roster size also.


I don’t need them to win; I just need them to not look lost, clueless, like they don’t get or can’t do the new schemes being installed, or those schemes are just bad.

Patricia’s first preseason totally foretold what was to come.


Aww hell no, they need to win, at least start making it to the playoffs and compete…make me believe in The Detroit Lions again. walk the walk.

How about Rod Marinelli’s perfect 4-0 preseason in 2008, did it also show what was to come!? lol

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Teams will start giving us first downs until we get into long FG range. They will take their chances with us attempting long FGs…cuz they know Fox will pin their ass inside the 1 yard line.


People point this out all the time but I’m not sure it really works like that. Yes there have been plenty of bad teams that looked good in preseason.

I thought there is more validity the other direction. If you look clueless, unprepared and partially incompetent in the preseason it might actually be a sign. For guys like Patricia and Mooch it was. And just to harp on Patricia for a second. I’ve been watching Lions preseason football for several decades now and I have never been as disappointed in how we showed up as I did under Patricia. There were stretches of games where we looked completely unable to execute a play.

I tend to agree I would like to see Goff an WR show there connection is coming along.Don’t care about wins . I think RBs will be ok with OL an with are TE if we have WR that get open an he gets the ball to them that major.

On D I think we will show better than many expect . no injuries is always key to every team.

Only thing he said was we will circle back he didn’t but he should of used that works for other people :grinning:

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