How much influence does Anthony Lynn have in Dan's clock management?

Anthony Lynn, the worst offensive coordinator I may have ever seen, was heralded as the “trainer on the job” for Dan Campbell, and was supposed to be the guy with experience Dan could lean on so he wouldn’t be totally learning on the job.

Lynn was the former coach of the LA Chargers, where he had decent records, good players, and playoff appearances.

He got fired in part because of his inability to manage the clock. He was absolutely horrible at it. Sure he got fired for other reasons but his clock management didn’t help at all.

One complaint many have with MCDC is his clock management. I’m not too fond of it myself.

So I gotta wonder. How much of that is because of Anthony Lynn sucking copious amounts at clock management?

DC just took over play calling from Lynn last week… so I can only conclude that he is not overly impressed with Lynn at this moment.

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I’m ready to fire him