How much is winning worth?

Some have accused lions ownership as being cheap , while others have said they spend but just haven’t known what to do.

Some have said they’ve always tried to win , while others said the lions never really wanted to win.

Whatever the case ,
The lions franchise has been one of the least valued franchises in nfl. The Lions have their own stadium , a good media market , years of lore , loyal fanbase support through losing seasons, etc …

It feels like to me ,
If there was ever a franchise with a value that could explode in comparison to where it was before to where it could be , the lions seemed poised to take the leap.

… I’m trying to wrap my head around how much this new culture and potential winning could mean in dollar signs…

Is it just because any nfl team can name its asking price , if they want to sell or could we see lions value rise up this list ? Imo they already feel more valueable.

one site listed the lions value last year.
Can the Lions jump some franchises and move up the list ? If Sheila is spending differently ( more ) than her folks , she’ll still want a good ROI.

In 2022, the franchise value came to 3.05 billion U.S. dollars.Jan 2, 2023

In 2022, the franchise value came to 3.05 billion U.S. dollars.Jan 2, 2023

The Lions seem like an interesting case study due to where they’ve been valued historically among these extremely valuable nfl franchises.
Could the theory that you make money by winning be illustrated through lions and what is about to happen going toward ?


Considering WCF bought the team for 6M dollars it’s a hell of a return on that investment. The Lions aren’t worth as much as other franchises because they don’t win very often and because WCF wasn’t a shit bag. Instead of the city of Detroit holding the whole bag on a new stadium the Lions are holding 400M dollars of debt for Ford Field.


Thank you for pointing this out. The Fords have been incompetent but they’re not scumbags and never have been.

Also, if I had to wager the probably had one of their better years financially this year, so there’s a direct return on their investment in doing stuff like paying Ben to stay


I don’t disagree.
With the equity value and financial advisors , I figured it was also run on a budget. The cash in , cash out which became big as the league grew so it always covered expenses including the investment in the stadium. Therefor their lack of ownership ego to be the winningest or most value able were traded for comfort of the turnkey operation and conservative investment in team.

I thought the stadium from a fan pov , didn’t get enough coverage because it seemed so differently financed than the other stadiums being built at the time. Is mostly Tax payer money.

Their commitment to community and support of Michigan seems earnest too.


Part of question tho is the gamble of worth vs playing it safe because the money is coming

If they hadn’t paid Ben , next year still looks like standing room only.

  • that’s where I think philosophy possibly was in the past - "why spend extra if we don’t need to " - and that it might be a little different now.
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::cough cough: ilitch ::cough ::cough

A hot and ready sounds good right about now though… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There would be no Bills team either but Ford helped them get the money I think he also helped Jones in Dallas raise the money to buy Cowboys.

I didn’t know that. I remember when Jerry bought cowboys. Him and Eddie were going toe to toe , ego to ego to win.
Funny how they turned both those franchises into valuable winners

Winning helps with Cap it may not get you deals on player but does prevent them of asking more than they are worth. Like when you lose they may ten d to ask for more. Also its not always player its the agents also.

You want to know what its worth how did you feel when you won anything ? That’s what’s its worth also

to us it is a must, this franchise has been one of thee more losing ones in league history. you fast forward to 2022 and you can say we had a very exciting-more of a winning season, NOW it becomes important to keep that trend going , because if you fail to do so…then you go back to being nothing again.

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It’s my understanding that with William Clay ia big problem was that he was too nice and loyal.


I guess he was wealthy enough to stay loyal while lacking results.

It just seems their WHY
Wasn’t to make it most valuable

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