How much star power does this offense have?

I was thinking the other day and realized how good this offense can truly be once we get healthy. We literally have pro bowl type players at almost every starting position on offense. That sounds crazy to say out loud, but when you break it down you see.

QB - Jared Goff has been to multiple Pro Bowls in his career. Will he get back to that level of play consistently this year? Time will tell there, but he certainly has that capability and shown that in the past

WR - I think we can all agree St Brown is a pro bowl player. This guy has proven to be extremely dangerous. Although Chark has been quiet, he was inches away from two very big plays last week. Regardless, he made the pro bowl on 2019 so clearly the talent is there. We will see if he can regain that form here in Detroit. Then you have Jameson Williams. He has future pro bowler/all pro written all over him. Obviously he has to prove it on the field, but it is not a stretch to expect that level of play out or him.

RB - I predicted in the off season Swift and Okudah would make the pro bowl this year. Okudah is going to need interceptions to get recognized, but Swift is well on his way there. Swift clearly has pro bowl talent and he is showing it on the field.

TE - Hockenson has also made the pro bowl before. Yes he has been disappointing so far, but we know it what he can do if he gets his head out of his ass

OT - Although Decker has never made a pro bowl, I think he is worthy of going. I would say he is a top 10 LT in this league and can push himself into the top 5 this year. I think almost everyone is in agreement Sewell is going to be a pro bowl/all pro player maybe we soon as this year.

OG - Jonah Jackson made the pro bowl just last year and he is only getting better. Big V took a major step forward last year and although I wouldn’t consider him a pro bowler, he is a very good starting guard.

OC - Ragnow is probably our best lineman at this moment (Sewell will overtake him soon). He has made the pro bowl and is one of the best centers in the league.

So after running it down that is 10 starters on this offense, when fully healthy, with pro bowl resumes or realistic pro bowl potential. The only guy who I didn’t consider is Big V and he is still a very solid starter. Goff is the biggest X factor here as if he can clean up some of the sloppy mistakes from the first couple weeks he could have a crazy good season.


Our backups are pretty damn good at every position on offense, too.
The guy we brought in to be WR1, is actually turning out to be WR3…and, thats NOT because he’s a bad player, or a disappointment.
So far, we’ve been showing the wrecking crew, but, I’m sure Air Johnson is coming.

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The Bucs would be very happy to have Josh Reynolds right now, and the Rams Netflix. The backups are players, by and large

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The offense is pretty talented. The defense still needs a lot of help moving forward.

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