How much would it cost to get Da'Ron Payne?

So I’ve been giving this some thought. At first, I didn’t want to make this move. I am all for trading magic beans for proven NFL talent as I think you have a very good chance at losing the trade if you’re the team getting the picks, but I didn’t think Payne was the player worth doing it for.

I don’t want to part with too much capital because we might need it to trade up for Bryce Young :wink: but if the package doesn’t include either of our 1sts or our 2nd this year, or our 1st the year after that, I would totally make this move.

Just judging amongst the board what you guys think Payne’s value is in draft compensation.


I would do a 3rd rounder. He’s a very good DT. The issue is he will be looking to get paid, he’s playing this season on his 5th year option the team picked up for 8.5 Million and will be entering free agency after this season. So, trading for him is risky unless you have a deal in place already. Otherwise he could just walk in free agency.

I think I’d prefer Brown, who is cheaper and will not cost any beans. Brown is not as good of course, but is solid in the run game.

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I think Payne would come in and really solidify the Dline and that would really help the defense he is the kinda of DT we need and lack. I love the idea. I like the Brown idea also but Payne would be worth paying cause he’s the DT we lack. We have some decent Brown types . Imo

Ron Rivera is a 60yo head coach with final say on personnel…
who has also beaten cancer…

How likely is he to approve of shipping a good player out of town for a reasonably priced magic bean???


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Payne is a very good DT, but definitely not elite. He isn’t a massive upgrade over someone like Malcolm Brown. I would say they both are on the same level as a run stuffer with Payne offering a good bit more rushing the passer. Payne is not a great pass rusher at DT though.

I personally think the draft capital we would have to give up, and more importantly the massive extension he is going to want isn’t worth it.

He’s a 10mil a year type DT who is going to want closer to 20mil.

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According to PFF, Payne had his lowest overall grade out of his 4 years in 2021.

While he had 5 sacks and his pass rushing grade jumped a lot to 74.1, his run defense grade plummeted to 53.8. So Payne might have to sacrifice his pass rush to be the D Line plug we want.

Im okay with a bandaid, but would very much like to get the elite guy next draft, especially if Goff is who we hope.

Personally I’m in the sign Malcom Brown camp. Then attack DT next draft if Brown doesn’t appear to be a long term option.


This would be the best option BY A MILE, if they thought there was a chance that Brother Goff doesn’t work out…then we still have a DT and a QB.
I’m gonna ultimately be good with what Brad does. I trust The Brad!

He let DT Star Lodidati (hehe) get away to the Bills when he was with the Panthers. So i think there is a chance.

I have no clue how to spell the guys name. The Utah kid that was a 1st round pick and solid pro.

My problem with this is who is this guy ? Jalen Carter is the best of the bunch and even he doesn’t look like that great at rushing the passer, I keep looking for that special DT out of next year’s draft but really haven’t fond one

Any names to throw out there fella’s.

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I know! There isn’t one in every draft. Been brutal for me.

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Someone will step up I just don’t know who ?

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Fingers crossed, my man! I want Suh2

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Not interested in Payne at what he would cost–both in terms of draft pick compensation and salary.

Malcom Brown makes more sense as a short-term option, especially if the 2021 2d Rd pick remains out for an extended time or demonstrates lack of improvement when finally healthy.

Jalen Carter, Bryan Bresee, Zacch Pickens, and Jaquelin Roy are probably the biggest names.

I really like Roy as a good fit for what we do and I think he’s a lot better than the media is giving him credit for. I expect him to be a first rounder in next draft.

I know Carter gets the most hype but Bresee might be the best DL prospect in the draft. Coming off injury has hurt his stock but if he returns to form he could be the top DT.

Myles Murphy is on the same defensive line at Clemson as Bresee. He’s a big DE who could play 3T at the next level. Those two have the potential to form the best DL in college sports and if they do both of them will be near the top of the draft. A lot of potential there.

The top NT in the draft is Siaki Ika. He is one big dude but he moves well and can pressure a QB. I expect him to possibly go late round one to early round two.

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Gervon Dexter is a guy that I’ve seen mocked to the Lions with the Rams pick a few times. If we want a Jordan Davis lite type then Siaki Ika might be a good option.

I like Dexter. Especially as a run stuffing DT. I think he’s a second rounder though.

Truth be told I’d rather just sign Malcolm Brown if that’s what we’re looking for.

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Malcom Brown is just a warm body to add to the rotation. Always has been.

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