How the Detroit Lions stopped the Tush Push

Yep I feel this way when a rb is stopped and then it turns into a rugby shove. imo that’s forward progress. you only keep the play going if the rb is actually breaking free.


I’m not concerned either way. If it stays oh well. If they have to take other plays out to eliminate it oh well. It’s not really on my radar as a fan.

There is just no way to solve all the issues.

Safeties used to head hunt. Now they submarine WRs instead because of rule changes.

Concussions might be down. But
Ankle injuries and ACL tears have increased. Ask a WR which one he’d prefer.

Now you get submarined. The acl pops and you still hit your head off the turf. You can’t win.

LBs can’t spear. But RBs can drop their heads and lay the lumber on them. Lots of issues.

You can introduce new rules and then teams and players will just adapt and find new loopholes.

This is good and I think it will work against the eagles after seeing the novel ways the chiefs tried to stop it last night. Getting underneath the the front middle guys takes away the lane and allows those guys to grab legs. Then the secondary can go over top. Cheifs kept on trying to hit with higher pad levels in sequence and it just wasn’t working.

Everyone just needs to wrap their heads around the idea that it’s a violent game and people get hurt. All of the NFL’s moves are reactionary and have the distinct feel of shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. I’m sure injuries aren’t down. In fact to my admittedly untrained eye, they seem to be up. I know they are at RB.

Like Brady said in his interview with Stephen A Smith, when they played the Ravens he had to be very careful about throwing to his WRs over the middle cause he knew they stood a good chance of getting hurt by Ray Lewis. The Pats couldn’t afford to lose their WRs, so he found another way to beat them. The onus should be on the offensive players, like it always was.

If I could give 1000 likes I would.

Well said.

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Which would ban the 4th and 6 play against the Chargers when Ragnow and LaPorta pushed Mongomery for the last yard and a half to a first down.

The NFL is building their defense in court. There is simply far too much money at stake at this point to not be doing so. Diverting head injuries to severe lower body injuries is a big win for those with billions at stake.

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Yep, it’s a fun play when it’s not the tush push. Certainly fun to look at. I just think that’s how they’ll go about it.

Yeah, you’re right. From a PR perspective it’s the best look. And honestly long-term probably better to suffer lower leg injuries than brain injuries.

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