How the Draft may go

If the Lions don’t move up to 3, I won’t be surprised if the draft falls this way.

  1. Panthers - CJ Stroud

  2. Texans - Will Anderson

I feel like DeMeco knows his team isn’t a QB away from competing and wants to build a deadly defense like how he had down in San Fran. Anderson, Jalen Pitre, Stingely.

  1. Arizona - Tyree Wilson

  2. Colts - Will Levis

  3. Seahawks - Anthony Richardson

  4. Detroit - Now if this is how the draft falls would you take Bryce Young?

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I would without hesitation. He may need a step ladder to see past Frank Ragnow, but I’m willing to take that chance lol


Nope, not considering a QB in the draft at all. Especially in the 1st round.

Goff is my long term QB unless he proves otherwise and i hope they just continue to build the team up around him.


It wouldn’t be crazy to me if Brad has Bryce Young as the second best rated QB of the last 3 drafts only behind Trevor Lawrence. He might come into this draft expecting to a take a QB on day 3 and be flabbergasted that Bryce is available and take him even though he loves Goff just because of the value.

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No! He scares me.

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To many qb needy teams Bryce and stroud aren’t dropping below 3 because of one of them do the raiders or colts will send a crazy trade package

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This is how I view it. Taking specific names out of the equation for a second, there will be at least 2 QBs going in the top 3 picks. Either Houston takes a QB or the Cardinals will get a king’s ransom to trade down so someone can take the 2nd QB off the board. I can’t see a scenario where Houston doesn’t go QB and the Cardinals are content to buck trade down offers for the 2nd QB spot.


Regardless of how elite they become if they are NFL starter ready with stroud and young are they will easily go top 5 most valuable position in football

I’m most worried about Stroud/Young/Carter/Anderson/Gonzalez going in top 5. That would be worst case scenario for me.

Nope, just run the card up with Carter on it and don’t look back!


If the Lions continue to keep an OL that pass protects well, I take him in an instant.

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I think 3 QBs are off the board. Then Anderson and Carter. Leaving the Lions at the rest of the pack.

But if by chance Carter or Anderson falls to us I think we have to take them.


That is how I feel to Air.

I think the Lions end up weighing top WR, top OL player and top CB versus a possible trade down a few spots as the last of the top 4 QBs is also likely there for us. Hell, maybe top RB too?

I don’t know about how I feel about WR Johnson V. Skoronski (so?) at this point. I do know that edge isn’t a concern for me and I don’t want the Lions to take Nolan Smith. I don’t believe in guys without a position.

I would lean WR at this point.

You draft a 1st rounder to sit for a year or two. But now we have some trade chips

I can’t imagine a scenario where Levis is drafted in front of Young.


Could you imagine one were Trey Lance (and Zack Wilson) went well ahead of Justin Fields?


Carter, assuming Brad is comfortable with background, is an easy fit for us still we still have an open spot on the roster for a DT.

Anderson is a bit of a different story. He’d likely be the BPA but I’m not exactly sure where we’d fit him in on the roster. I’m might be a trade back scenario as someone might give up a ton to get him that actually needs a pass rusher.

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I’d take Bryce Young over anybody

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Gut feeling is Stroud fails, I get a Jamis Winston vibe… Absolutely not based on tape, just a gut feeling.

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For sure. He’s one of those players that, no matter who else you might draft, you’re gonna wear that decision for the rest of your career. You’re the guy that passed on the guy. A dark stain that will never wash out.

Ppl get caught up in need, and what can help us this season. In ten years, nobody will care who we drafted at 6 in 23. It’ll be remembered as the Bryce Young draft.