How the Lions benefited from CB Bradberry's signing with NYG

In a recent Pro Football Focus article by Michael Renner, he listed several offseason moves that reshaped the first round of the NFL draft. One move he highlighted was the signing of cornerback James Bradberry by the New York Giants.

The Giants were in the market for cornerback help and they went after one of the top available free agents in Bradberry, agreeing to terms on a three year deal worth $45 million with $32 million in guarantees.

Renner points out that the Lions, not the Giants, were likely the biggest winners of this signing because of the secondary ramifications through the draft.

With Bradberry signed to a lucrative contract, it all but takes the Giants out of the running for Jeff Okudah if he is available at pick No. 4 overall. Instead, putting their sights on either offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs or defensive weapon Isaiah Simmons.

With the Giants out of the mix for Okudah, the Dolphins (Pick. No. 5) and Chargers (No. 6) likely focused on quarterbacks, the Lions will have a plethora of possibilities with their top selection.

They can either stay put at pick No. 3 overall and select Okudah — or Chase Young if available — or trade back as far as pick No. 6 overall and likely still land Okudah, plus some additional draft capital.

The Lions have plenty of wiggle in this upcoming draft, thanks to the Giants.


Makes sense upon initial reading and thoughts!

I had the same thought last week when Bradberry was signed.

Also, with the Redskin’s secondary completely depleted, I can see them trading down from 2 to 5 to pick up Okudah, leaving Chase available.

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Yup, makes sense. The question is: do we capitalize? Unfortunately future proves past in a lot of cases and we don’t have a good one… lol. We’ll see! I’m hoping we make the right call. I’d like to see a trade back to 5 or 6 personally, given Young isn’t there.

It just makes more sense that Wash would be a more likely trade partner than the Lions.

They do not need a QB or DE but they do need a CB or OT. Trading with MIA maybe their smartest move.

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Let’s get this straight. Dave Gettleman running the show as general manager actually helped the Giants procure a top-notch player?

So much for the belabored narrative that free agents will steer clear of the Giants because of Gettleman. [sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it]

James Bradberry, the prize of the Giants’ haul this spring, agreed to a three-year contract worth $45 million to shut down opposing receivers and serve as a veteran leader to the assemblage of young cornerbacks. Bradberry was attracted to the Giants for several reasons, and when his choice came down to making a deal with the Giants or Lions, he chose the Giants because a familiar face was a large part of the process.

“I just feel New York was a better fit for me,” Bradberry said Monday on “The Jim Rome Show” on “I knew Mr. Gettleman, I know what type of organization he’s trying to build over there. I knew some of the players that were there as well and they had nothing but good things to say about the organization, so I feel like it was the right fit.”

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