How the NFL could fix this

Look, this wasn’t a single 50/50 judgement call. This was a series of egregious calls that not just affected, but flat out determined the outcome of a very big game.

In my opinion, this wouldn’t fix everything, but the NFL could simply suspend/fine these officials, but also why not give the Lions a compensatory draft pick for next year??? This could really go a long way with their fan base to get some trust back as well as acknowledge that there is a problem.

Instead, I will wait for their typical Wednesday apology and nothing else. I really think a compensatory pick would be something to look at in these cases and it could range from round to round depending on how jacked up the calls were. If the team was in last place in week 17 and got screwed, give them a 6th rounder. Something like last night, maybe a 3rd rounder. Something the Saints dealt with that cost them a trip to the Super Bowl? Probably a 1st rounder.

Anyway, just an idea, but we all know the NFL and the owners do not give a F about the fans or their product.

All plays are reviewable. You get 2 reviews, if you win them…you keep them.

First off, burn Goodell at the stake during Super Bowl halftime. Now that’s entertainment!

I like it… except… I believe the NFL will do the same thing as the PI reviews. Throw the fans/teams a bone and put it up for review, but always uphold the call on the field

Watch the postgame.

Lions coaches and star QB already swallowed their shit sandwich. No one said anything.

That was their chance and they all followed the company line.

Yeah, the fans take all the heartache, while the owner is clueless and useless and the coaches and players go cash another check.

What really pissed me off was watching Slay give Rodgers a freaking hand job on the field, the moment the game ended. Have a little pride for fuck sakes and show the fans you are legit pissed or actually care. Once the last fake Flowers flag came out, the Lions should have walked the fuck off the field. The refs ended the game with that call. No sense standing there watching them take your soul too. The coach didn’t have Flowers’ back. The QB never seems to care about losses. Slay is basically in bed with the opposing team every week, swapping jerseys like a bitch. Yet, us fans lose sleep and years off our life trying to support these clowns.

Lions should have done the Piston walk-off, ala Bulls.